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According to recent research conducted by OnePoll, 66% of Brits suggest they will be buying more British goods going forwards. It’s not especially hard to understand why we like to buy home-grown: as a nation we have a strict approach to quality and we are naturally keen to support our own economy. But in the midst of unprecedented events such as Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a global climate crisis, conditions are conspiring to fuel our appetite for UK manufactured products even further.

British-made quality

Here in the UK, we have a proud manufacturing history. In the 19th century, Britain was the largest and most advanced manufacturer in the world, and British products were synonymous with excellent quality and design. While our share in global manufacturing is now much smaller, the things that we make are still revered for being of the highest calibre.

Jacksons Fencing is no exception. Having made fencing products to impeccable standards since 1947, we take delight in carrying on the tradition of fine British manufacturing. Using only premium timber and steel, and specialist manufacturing and treatment processes, the focus of our family-run business is on making the best possible fences and gates for our customers.

As a British consumer, you can take solace in the knowledge that British-made goods are invariably well made. British manufacturing experts are highly trained and highly skilled. Furthermore, any company that complies with British Standards can guarantee not only that their products are properly assembled and safe to use, but also that working conditions are safe and reasonable.

Brexit serves to further strengthen the case for home-grown products. As changes start to become apparent following the UK’s departure from the EU, it will become harder to verify the quality of imported goods. While an item from abroad might comply with standards in its country of origin, there will be less clarity around how these standards compare to our own.

A boost for the economy

In buying British goods, British consumers will hope to safeguard UK jobs, boost UK employment and help generate UK tax income. Greater support and demand for UK manufacturing will also help to develop this sector, and could lessen reliance on supply and wholesale businesses.

If the UK succeeds in developing its manufacturing sector, British made goods will become more abundant. Therefore, buying British will become more convenient for those dedicated to the cause.

Brexit aside, COVID-19 has been a most unwelcome jolt to the British economy. Of course, economies all over the world are struggling due to lockdowns and uncertainty, but on our own shores, many consumers will be looking to buy local to help see the country through these hard times.

Buy local, buy green

Another factor driving British consumers’ proclivity for British manufacturing is the environment. With so much else going on in the world, the climate crisis is still very front of mind and this awareness is quickly seeping into people’s purchasing decisions.

Items produced in the UK have a shorter supply chain than those from overseas. This results in far fewer emissions simply because transportation routes are much shorter. Many companies source products which are shipped from country to country as part of a long, multistep manufacturing process before arriving in the UK, but with British built products, this is not the case. Raw materials are imported to the UK, and then transformed into the finished products in the country's own manufacturing plants.

Going a step further

Jacksons Fencing is proud to make the highest quality, UK manufactured fencing products. When you buy from us, you know that you’re buying the best, making a more sustainable choice and doing something to help the UK economy.

And if that’s not enough, you'll also benefit from excellent customer support. All of our staff are based in UK depots and call centres and all of our product literature is written and produced in the UK too, making it clear and easy to understand.

As a mark of quality, all our timber products come with a 25-year service life guarantee and a 25-year treatment guarantee. Here at Jacksons Fencing, we believe in making things that last.

Contact our sales team now or visit our website to find out more about our British-made fence and perimeter solutions.

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