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Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway | Acoustic Fencing

Our Jakoustic® system has been designed for commercial and highway applications, providing the same level of noise protection as the original Jakoustic® barrier.

Jakoustic® ‘V’ boards are affixed to galvanised steel I-beam posts for additional strength and rigidity, meeting not only the stringent Highways Agency standards BS EN 1794-1 and 2, but also prove ideal for application in exposed locations subject to high wind loading. The system can also be offered with capping and counter rails to further enhance its appearance. Posts can even be timber-clad to match.

Jacksons Fencing is the first UK manufacturer of timber acoustic barriers that can CE mark both its Jakoustic® Commercial & Highway Reflective system and its Jakoustic® Commercial & Highway Absorptive system as compliant with the requirements of EN 14388:2005 relating to traffic noise reducing devices.

Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway complies with Highways Sector Scheme 2C for the supply, installation and repair of environmental barriers for infrastructure works and Scheme 4 for preservative treatment of timber.

Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway System includes galvanised steel I-beams with nailing battens to be bolted to the front of the posts. 4.8m long interlocking ‘V’ boards are then nailed and also fixed with heavy duty screws through the timber boards into the nailing battens. Cover boards are required on every steel posted installation.

Available as Jakoustic® Reflective or as Jakoustic® Absorptive.

25 year Jakcure® guarantee

Designed in accordance with BS EN 1794-2:2003 (Detailed compliance statements available) Jakoustic Highway Laboratory sound reduction 28dB Superficial Mass 25kg/m²

*Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway barrier certified laboratory results: Rating according to BS EN 1793-2:1998 (Category B3) BS EN 1794-1:2003, Annex A,B,C & E.



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Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway Features

  • Up to 28dB* noise reduction
  • Type tested by BSI to BS EN 14388-2005
  • Galvanised steel I-beam post
  • Complies with Highways Sector Scheme 2C for the supply, installation and repair of environmental barriers for infrastructure works and Scheme 4 for preservative treatment of timber.
  • 34mm Timber interlocking “V” boards
  • Can accommodate changes in level or profile
  • Optional timber capping, counter rails and post cladding available
  • Anti-climb and scale design
  • Matching pedestrian, swing and tracked sliding gates
  • High privacy barrier

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✔ Highways

✔ Commercial properties

✔ Construction sites

✔ Industrial

✔ Railways

✔ Residential

✔ Sports venues

✔ Sites subject to high wind loading

✔ Where a tall barrier height is required (over 3m)

✔ Where a barrier with good security performance is required

Please note: some highway applications need specific approvals, please discuss your requirements with an acoustic sales advisor

Jakoustic COmmercial and Highway Specification

Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway acoustic barriers are available in heights up to 12m and are constructed on steel I beam posts. Acoustic barriers can be reflective or absorptive to suit the application.


To really benefit from a noise reducing solution, any gates that are required should match the specification of the acoustic barrier. We manufacture swing and sliding gates with manual and automated operating options to match this product.

Acoustic Gates
Post options

Base plated galvanised steel I-beam posts to bolt down to concrete base foundations.

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Noise mitigation is usually a complex problem, so to ensure that you arrive at the best solution for your specific situation, we always recommend consulting a qualified sound engineer before you make your purchase.

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