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In 2021, the government updated the 25 Year Environment Plan (YEP) outlining procedures to create a greener future and improve the environment, within a generation.

Among a number of environmental goals such as clean air, plentiful water and thriving wildlife, the 25 YEP committed to enhancing biosecurity by using natural resources more sustainably and efficiently; working towards the governments target of zero avoidable waste by 2050. For such ambitions to be achieved, all commercial organisations need to accept corporate social responsibility for minimising waste. At Jacksons, we accomplish this by maximising the value obtained from our resources by producing quality products that last a generation.

All our timber materials are supplied from sustainable and traceable sources to ensure responsible management of the world’s forests. Moreover, each timber component is subject to our refined and perfected Jakcure® pressure treatment process that assures the highest level of penetration and saturation, providing extraordinary protection against wood rot and insect attack. Unlike other timber preservatives, the Jakcure formula conforms to BS 8417, meaning that it is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-odorous and harmless to biological life forms, making it an eco-friendly option to alternative treatment methods. This unique process allows us to endorse all our products with a 25 year timber guarantee, minimising timber consumption by providing quality that lasts against rot and insect attack. Similarly, we adhere to equally high standards when manufacturing our steel products, ensuring all components are galvanised to protect from rust and corrosion and can be additionally powder coated in architectural grade powder. They are also provided with a 25 year service life guarantee.

Sustainable quality products aren’t Jacksons only method of waste reduction and we also employ a lean production system throughout the manufacturing process to ensure unnecessary wastage is minimised without sacrificing productivity efficiency. By streamlining production and ensuring each stage of the manufacturing process receives materials and components only when needed, Jacksons is able to maintain a Just In Time (JIT) production technique that is both cost effective and eco-friendly.

Many of our products are designed to or by default, help wildlife and increase biodiversity. In 2015, we were the first manufacturer to launch a hedgehog-friendly gravel board which has a specially sized gap to allow them to roam freely in search of food and mates, which is essential to their survival. Additionally, on our vertical bar fencing and metal railing product pages, we promote that these types of fences are hedgehog-friendly, as they are able to pass between pales. We have also been raising awareness around the dangers of mesh and how hedgehogs can get stuck and encouraging architects and developers to choose vertical bar fencing and metal railings instead of welded mesh panels where possible.

When you choose Jacksons for commercial security solutions you aren’t just investing in a high quality product with low lifetime cost but actively contributing to building a sustainable future for generations to come. Support the 25 YEP by obtaining our 25 year guarantee.

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