Security fencing for high value residential properties

Homes and residential properties are getting bigger and more complex to protect, with inside-outside living creating a barrier to security which was once secure by a locked door and a burglar alarm. With homeowners choosing to live across broader spaces, blending their interior and outside spaces together, finding ways of protecting an entire property has become more important than ever – as evidenced by the mass of burglaries which have plagued the rich and famous recently.

You only have to hear the story of Molly Mae and Tommy Fury’s break-in, or read about Tamara Ecclestone’s experience, to understand the need for top level security, especially around those properties in affluent areas which scream “money” at potential burglars.

But that’s not the end of the story – and its certainly not where our clients draw their line. The simple fact is, modern security doesn’t just need to do its job, it also needs to integrate into the surroundings and look right against the backdrop of the property and its outside space.

That’s where Jacksons Fencing comes in.

The Benefit of Fencing and Gated Solutions

The idea of private fencing or gated communities has long been considered as somewhat overly protective, however with burglaries at an all-time high and properties being targeted by those who understand CCTV and traditional security systems, putting the right measures in place doesn’t just protect a property – it also protects those inside.

One of the primary benefits that we relay to our clients is the confidence and peace of mind that comes with high level fencing as a form of security. You only have to look at the rapid moves of those public figures who have been burgled – Molly Mae a prime example – to see how a break in can quickly render an individual unable to relax or feel safe in their home.

We don’t just build fences – we keep homes safe and welcoming for the people who live in them.

A secure Fence for your Property

If you’re wondering how a fence can possibly be effective enough to deliver all of these benefits, then this section is for you. From timber panels to steel structures, selecting the right fencing for your property is key – and it all starts with your initial enquiry, after which we can discuss the risks and highlight the key areas to focus on around the property and the products to utilise.

This typically includes:

  • Front access security
  • Surrounding the garden and/or land around the property
  • Alleyways, side gates, and back access
  • Covering public footpaths which run past the property
  • Garages and outhouses
  • The types of fencing available vary depending on the aesthetic and requirements of your property. The main aim of fencing is to deliver the security that your property needs, without imposing on the architectural and aesthetic appearance of your home and its surrounding land – with our team well versed in identifying the best solutions that tick all the boxes.

    Types of Fencing


    Timber fencing is often the go-to for homeowners due to its natural appearance and the fact that it can be installed in modern panel form to optimise privacy and security as well as convenience and ease of installation.

    Most effective for security when combined with hedging at both or either side of the fencing, timber looks good but should be installed with slotted timber posts or pre-drilled metal posts to ensure that the panels are fixed in place and cannot be lifted out of the way for access; such as can be done with concrete posts.

    One of the biggest challenges that homeowners face with garden fencing is that the panels can often be fairly easy to climb. As such, it is important to ensure your timber fencing is tall enough to prevent climbing (up to 2m for a garden fence without planning permission), made with vertical pales to prevent a ladder effect, and any horizontal support rails installed on your side of the boundary. Alternatively, opt for panels with no horizontal support rails such as Chilham, to prevent them being used as a step for intruders.

    Noise reduction may also be on the agenda, and our timber acoustic barriers are aesthetically pleasing, strong, secure and very difficult to scale.


    The A-lister of the fencing world, steel may present a more industrial appearance but as a security measure it delivers the best of both worlds – options for residential properties look smart and decorative but are strong and deliver anti-cut security.

    As part of our work with clients we recommend modern tubular versions of traditional ornamental metal railings to improve their longevity and strength and reduce the cost of maintenance and replacements over time. Jacksons’ metal railings feature concealed panel-to-post connectors with tamper-proof fixings, and a welded pale-through-rail construction for security.

    Another prime benefit of our steel fencing is that it can be finished in the colour of your choice, using polyester powder coating for a long lasting and sleek finish. Traditional paints need frequent touch ups and often peel and crack as seen below.

    Combination – Timber and Steel

    Looking for the best of both worlds? EuroGuard® Combi is our unique steel mesh and timber slat fencing system which combines the strength of the steel fencing with the natural aesthetic of timber. This is particularly popular in residential areas and around properties with large outside spaces.

    Safe, secure, access control

    Access is one of the most important considerations when it comes to installing the right fencing, with our clients able to select gates which protect their home while complementing the look of their fencing.

    We recommend that large timber entrance gates have a steel frame to prevent twisting which increases the need for adjustments and repairs and could become dangerous over time.

    Access is one of the top selling points of modern fencing systems for many homeowners and property owners. Gate automation is not just convenient but can be optimised for the benefit of security – as long as you work with the same team across the installation of all elements to ensure that quality and safety are upheld. That’s why our team are not only able to install your automated gate to match and complement the specification of your fencing and gates in terms of looks, but also match the gate automation system with the size, weight, and design of the gate to ensure it lasts the test of time. An automatic gate not only reduces the chance of the main access point being left open but saves the homeowners from having to exit the safety of their vehicle when opening a gate to access their home, by using a card or a fob to activate the gate.

    Commercial expertise in a residential environment

    Taking principles such as the 5 Ds from commercial security strategies and having the knowledge and understanding that aesthetics are as important as security, are where we flourish as a solutions provider.

    Looking at the 5 Ds (Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay, Defend) and the assets that need protecting within the property, we help you work out the different tactics that are required and will help you answer questions, for example:

    Does a fence need some kind of PIDS (Perimeter Intruder Detection System) to notify you that someone is trying to climb it or cut through it?

    Do you need automatic bollards in addition to entrance gates to reduce any chance of a vehicle trying to drive through the gate?

    Is Security Fencing Right for you?

    Investing in security fencing and gates is becoming more common as burglaries rise and it’s important to weigh up options carefully and think about all relevant factors, not just aesthetics. By working with a professional company like Jacksons Fencing, you will benefit from our experience, knowledge, and visual inspiration – with our team well versed in recommending the right materials and finishes according to your security, and aesthetic needs.

    For more information and to receive a tailored quote, get in touch today.

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