Types of security mesh panel connectors

While other manufacturers tend to cut costs through specification downgrades, we are committed to providing the highest quality to ensure the safety and security of our clients’ properties and assets. Complete with purpose-made panel-to-post connectors , our mesh fencing panels add great value to construction and architectural projects.

Whatever the client’s business, there is usually a particular risk that underpins their need for a fence to enhance safety and security. No one wants their property to be broken into or vandalised. Similarly, the owners of a non-residential building commonly have a duty of care to protect those inside or outside the premises.

When are security mesh fencing connectors/clips used?

Higher security mesh fencing systems such as Securi-Mesh, 358 mesh, or prison mesh will usually have clamp bars to attach the panels to posts, and secure the mesh against the posts at all points.

General security mesh panel systems like EuroGuard® Regular (‘V’ mesh), EuroGuard® Flatform (twin wire mesh) will use clips or connectors to attach the panels to the posts.

mesh security fencing

General security mesh panel systems are commonly used in medium risk applications such as:

  • Schools and playgrounds
  • Commercial Property
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Zoos and kennels
  • Industrial sites
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Mesh security panel systems are commonly designed to allow for quick installation. Although this means that the fencing can be installed rapidly and cheaply, it does have some significant downfalls. The main concern is that such fencing is usually easier to take down and break through.

    Substandard fencing can create a whole range of issues, from impacting public safety, to creating weaknesses in the site that make it vulnerable to trespassing, burglary, and vandalism. You need well designed, premium steel mesh fencing that is fit for purpose. At Jacksons Fencing, we have full confidence in our security products.

    The benefits of our mesh fencing connectors

    With a heritage stretching back to 1947, we know how to design, manufacture, and install effective mesh fencing panels . Our vandal proof mesh fencing clips are installed at a set angle – behind the fence line on the secure side with tamper proof fixings. This unique design is essential for the prevention of unwanted access. Even the most determined of individuals would struggle to reach in and remove the tamper-proof bolts.

    Compare this with the generic easy-to-reach front-facing clip connectors offered elsewhere, and you’ll immediately realise the security-enhancing difference.

    Tamper-proof screws

    The tamper-proof screws in our mesh fencing products far outweigh the so-called ‘benefits’ touted by other manufacturers.

    Watch this video to see how easily generic mesh clips - secured with generic Torx screws - can be removed. It’s clear that a criminal could pick apart your perimeter before being detected by CCTV or security guards.

    Easy come, easy go

    As a professional architect, specifier, or construction professional, you want to avoid the negative attention which could result from the supply of quick-to-fit security fencing. Such rapidly assembled fences can be easily disassembled with items found in a standard toolkit. The benefits of a well-constructed and secure mesh fence far outweigh the cost of the cheaper and more quickly installed options. Our general security mesh fencing systems, including EuroGuard® Regular, Flatform, Extra and Combi, benefit all parties.

    Quality that lasts

    Such is our manufacturing confidence, we provide a 25-year guarantee for every welded mesh panel that you order.

    You can learn more about our products in our specifier zone. Many of our fencing products conform to British Standards and we also manufacture mesh fencing tested and certified to LPS 1175 standard and Secured by Design. Planning on the installation of welded mesh security fencing? Contact us here, or visit our no-obligation product quote page for costs. Find out more about the importance of secure fixings and fittings for fencing and gates here.

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