Perimeter Security – A view from the inside out

For many years the security industry has been myopically focused on CCTV as the universal answer to all matters associated with site security.  But whilst unquestionably surveillance has increased the quality and quantity of intelligence that can be gathered in relation to breaches in security,  it is possible that there is an over-reliance on this type of technology.  The reality is that a camera is unable to stop a person or a vehicle from entering or leaving a site and that the growing dependence on technology and manned guarding is potentially at the expense of conventional tried and tested front line physical defence strategies, - defined as traditional perimeter fencing and access solutions.

With the exception of crash rated security enhancements, the industry has seen little investment in the development of high security fencing over the last ten years.  However, Jacksons Fencing, a Secured by Design Licensed Company and renowned UK designer, manufacturer and installer of high security fencing and access solutions is bucking this trend.  No other company has invested as heavily in the development of fencing systems designed to protect against a wide range of tools and methods of attack,  for use in a variety of high security installations.

Jacksons Fencing is committed to the development of a range of products and services capable of withstanding the constantly changing threats to site security.  The company has been designing, developing,  manufacturing and installing fencing and gates for over 75 years, initially starting in the timber sector servicing the farming community to the current day which sees Jacksons as highly reputable, industry leader in the delivery of high security perimeters security and access control solutions.  One of the founding principles of the business is an over-arching commitment to quality and unrivalled customer service.  As such, all steel fencing and gates carries a 25-year service life guarantee and a 25-month parts and labour guarantee on automated access products and solutions.

The Onion Principle

Security surveys employ what is termed the Onion Principle (also known as the 5 Ds) to develop a layered wall of defence around a potential target.  The aim is to work from the outside into the centre, treating each different boundary as a layer which needs to be hardened to delay the attacker, protect the site’s assets and provide security staff with intelligence through surveillance.

It is this approach, ie reviewing a site from the outside in which should be applied when determining the required perimeter security solutions for a given site.  All too often decisions are based on a printed plan, a product catalogue, a specification sheet or from a desk in an office looking out – but an effective perimeter security protocol must be evolved by looking from an intruder’s perspective, from the outside looking in.

Jacksons Fencing offers a unique consultative service which enables clients to plan their physical perimeter protection and access control into the overall security architecture of the site in question.  A thorough site audit will take into consideration existing security measures and identify any potential weaknesses, and will play an active role in the development of a fully integrated security system, fit to face the challenges of the various methods and forces of attack employed by the modern day intruder.

Seamless security

The vertical bar fencing range was developed by Jacksons to be the most complete, versatile, adaptable and durable range of fencing and gates available and it is now widely acknowledged the world over for the high levels of security it delivers, with no compromise on style.  Intrinsic to the success of the Barbican system is the fully welded pale-through-rail construction which offers maximum strength and durability.  The horizontal rails are sleeved onto the upright posts ensuring no joints or bolts are visible to the eye making it difficult for an intruder to identify any weak or vulnerable points which could be attacked  in an effort to break down the line of defence.

In addition to the standard fully welded pale-through-rail construction, Barbican Defender features curved pales which have been specifically designed to prevent intruders from climbing or scaling the fence, which ever side it is approached from.  The pales are 325 mm long, with an increased wall thickness for added strength,  making this an ideal solution for high security applications.

World class detection systems

Jacksons Fencing has been operating in the active deterrent and detection market for 28 years and the company’s exclusive Jaktronic intruder detection system is hailed as probably one of the most sophisticated electronic perimeter security enhancement systems available today.

Jaktronic has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is able to operate reliably in the most extreme and inhospitable environments in the world and was the detection system of choice at the 2004 Athens Olympic village.

Jaktronic is an intelligent system that offers a class leading detection resolution of + / - 10m, with an extremely low false alarm rate, faster deployment and a cost effective price point. Jaktronic is available in two formats: the flexible and sophisticated Sidewinder with optional integrator software interface, and Python, a complete stand alone intrusion detection system that does not require a central computer for operation, suitable for sites with a perimeter of up to 800 m.

Cost effective security measures

If you are looking for a cost effective and highly reliable perimeter security capable of delivering a strong physical deterrent with built in intruder alerts, then Alarm-aFence could provide the ideal solution. Alarm-aFence can be used as a stand alone fence or can be attached to the top of most existing perimeter fences or walls and features high tensile wires which transmit a safe, non-lethal high voltage pulse sent down alternate wires every second.  The alarm signal which is linked via the controller can be configured to activate sirens, lights, phone diallers etc in the event of an attempted entry.

Pioneering innovation

Jacksons has been heavily involved in extensive in-house testing, development testing of prototypes by Loss Prevention Certification Board and live testing at government facilities, of new high security fencing solutions. The net result of these extensive trials is the introduction of a number of industry firsts, which include:

  • Trident Xtreme 4: the first fencing system to be tested and approved by Government at the highest security rating (security rating 4), in simulated terrorist attacks using the latest and most powerful attack tools (including non contact cutters). Two further systems achieved security rating 3 (Trident Xtreme 3 and Trident Xtreme 3XM)
  • Trident Jakoustic Xtreme 3, Trident Jakoustic Xtreme 2, and Trident Combi 2: three fencing systems which combine timber and steel materials and the first timber fencing systems to achieve security ratings
  • Trident 5: the first fencing systems to be tested and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to LPS 1175 SR5 (E10); Jakoustic Class 3 – the first fencing system to be tested and approved by the LPCB to SR3 and the first PAS 68 tested and certified, cable base, shallow foundation crash fencing system.

Whilst these cutting edge fencing systems are likely to be naturally destined for high security sites, they also have relevance in the protection of high-risk people and assets in civilian, industrial and commercial applications.

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