How to reduce fence vandalism

To counter threats such as theft and vandalism, fences are often specified to mitigate the risk of damage to a site or property. Once installed, however, the fence itself can become the target.

To ensure that you are correctly prepared to prevent the threat of vandalism from becoming a reality, and to provide preventative solutions to vandalism, we’ve compiled this blog discussing the fences most commonly targeted by criminals, along with advice on how to reduce the risk of vandalism.

Where significant destruction has taken place, there is very rarely a quick fix. Instead, the best return on investment comes from the professional installation of high-quality fencing with an anti-vandal design. Fencing with generous guarantees are more likely to be durable and ensure a sustainable and cost-effective long-term solution.

Wooden play area fencing

The location and function of wooden play area fencing often renders it a prime target for vandals, potentially resulting in extensive damage to the site and its surrounds and leaving the area in an unsafe state for children. Common issues with wooden playground fencing are pales being ripped from rails, leaving hazardous nails and splintered wood laying around, posts being kicked over, and fixings being removed.

When specifying timber playground fencing for play areas, consider implementing the following preventative measures:

  • Substitute nails for anti-tamper screws and fixings to hold pales in place and to connect panels to posts
  • Opt for thick, strong, pales which are sandwiched between rails, stopping them from being ripped off rails
  • Purchase posts that are correctly kiln dried and pressure treated, not showing signs of rot, and which are of a heavy post specification
  • Install posts in the correct amount and composition of concrete, and ensure the ground is stable to stop movement or leaning
  • Attach pales to posts using secure, anti-vandal fixings; a stronger connection means less risk of movement and destruction

    Mesh security panels

    Welded mesh panels are typically installed where there is a need for security without impeding visibility. Correct construction, in conjunction with safety features such as anti-tamper fixings, and security toppers that prevent trespassers can be an effective method of reducing the risk of vandalism.

    Vandals may bend the wire or remove the mesh panels from posts to gain entry to a site or property. In order to combat this, specifying thicker-wired fencing or panels that have been designed to withstand bending – such as a twin wire panels. Look for mesh gauge that has been measured before coating, as the finished product will be thicker and stronger.

    U-shaped panel-to-post connectors with tamper-proof fixings that can only be accessed from the secure side of the fence are much more effective than front-facing clips with generic Torx screws. An alternative to stop mesh wire from being bent is to opt for a vertical bar fence that is not as easy to damage.

    Vertical bar or metal railings

    Vertical bar fencing or metal railings offer a higher level of security but are easily impaired if their fixings are not concealed or the pales are easily flexed. Without security features, pales, or even whole panels can be removed by undoing the nuts and bolts that secure pales to the rails or the panels to the posts.

    In order to reduce the risk of vandalism, we advise opting for strong, tubular, pale-through-rail designs, tamper-proof fixings, and concealed panel-to-post connectors to improve performance without compromising on aesthetics.

    Garden fences

    Residential properties demarcated using garden fences that are positioned adjacent to public parks or alleyways are at greater risk of being targeted by criminals. Investing in preventative and discouraging anti-vandal measures can effectively diminish the threat of vandalism. For example:

  • Framed panels with interlocking boards and thick pales, secured using anti-tamper screws
  • Panels that can be screwed into the posts; this prevents trespassers from lifting the panels to gain entry
  • Wooden posts that come with a long guarantee
  • Where wood is not an option, metal posts which screw in from the back are also available, but we strongly advise against concrete posts – panels cannot be securely fixed to these.

    Preventing vandalism with Jacksons Fencing

    As the UK’s leading perimeter security and access control manufacturer, Jacksons Fencing is well equipped to support you in specifying the fencing solution best suited to reduce the risk of vandalism. For further information or for advice from our skilled team, contact us today.

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