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Cavell Park Care Home

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Established in 2010, Porthaven currently has 18 homes in its portfolio, and is one of the leading care providers in the country, having won ‘Best Care Home Group over 10 Settings’ in 2022 at the National Care Awards. Each home is person-centred, offering residential, nursing, dementia, and short stay care by a team of well-trained and highly qualified individuals dedicated to the welfare and happiness of every resident.

The standard of accommodation at Porthaven homes is extremely high. Each building is purpose-built to ensure it is well designed, safe, warm, and comfortable; exceeding design and regulatory standards with input from architects and designers. In addition to well thought-out buildings, the homes feature attractive, safe, and fully accessible landscaped gardens.

Newly built Cavell Park Care Home, a Porthaven home, is situated in a convenient location, close to the historic town of Maidstone and a stone’s throw from the M20 motorway. Famous sites nearby include Leeds Castle and the River Medway. Maidstone is a key spot for events, such as river cruises, vineyard tours, and Mote Park nature reserve.

To ensure the perimeter of the grounds and the gardens of the care home are safe for residents to spend time in, fencing and gates were required. In addition, with the standard of care being high, this needed to be reflected and indicated in the presentation of the whole site, so the car park at the front of the site needed premium quality demarcation fencing to create an excellent first impression.

To help residents feel a sense of place and connectivity to the outside world and prevent them feeling enclosed, it was important that the fencing provided not only good aesthetics but also good visibility. This helps with establishing trust between the families of residents and the staff at the care home.


Black metal bow top railings and matching gates were chosen to demarcate and secure the boundary; specified in varying height intervals for the different areas of the site to suit requirements. The gardens, where residents spend leisure time, required 240m of 1.8m high fencing and gates, while 75m of 1.2m high fencing was installed around the car park and entrance.

Bow top fencing is ideal for places that need to be safe and protected, yet help create a welcoming and pleasant environment, like the secure, tranquil gardens of the care home. With rounded pales and posts and curved hoop tops that extend through the top rail, each design element of bow top fencing helps to reduce any injury caused, should someone accidentally come into contact with the fence. At the same time, the fence features welded pale-through-rail construction and tamper proof panel-to-post connectors, which help to prevent any vandalism or break-in attempts. The fencing also has good climb resistance, which is improved in this situation by being installed on a tall wall.

With the garden being adjacent and visible to the reception entrance in the building, any visitors and prospects are immediately instilled with confidence that their loved ones will have a haven to relax in, but are also protected from harm by preventing any unauthorised access by means of suitable fencing and locked gates with keypads. By choosing a fence with an attractive vertical pale design, visibility is high which helps with supervision and improving the autonomy of residents.

Made from galvanised tubular steel, our bow top railings present a modern solution for traditional metal railings. To mimic the traditional but attractive shade of black seen on old-style railings, the fencing was polyester powder coated in our own facility at our Kent headquarters, allowing us to monitor each step of the process and control the quality. Polyester powder coating is preferred over painting as it does not crack and peel, which looks unsightly and sharp flakes of paint can also cause cuts. The black metal railings create an elegant silhouette against the building and garden.

The fencing and gates are guaranteed for 25 years against rust and manufacturing defects, and have been proven to last much longer than this.

Products Used


  • 240m 1.8m high Bow Top fencing and gates
  • 75m 1.2m high Bow Top fencing
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