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The Democratic Republic of the Congo, situated in Central Africa, stands as the second-largest country on the continent and the eleventh largest globally in terms of land area. Kinshasa, the capital and Africa's second-largest city, houses the British Embassy. Alongside offering consular services and managing migrations, the embassy actively supports trade, investment, and endeavours to foster peace and diminish poverty in the DRC.

A significant development project transformed the embassy facility, converting a cluster of buildings into a modern residence and offices for the British Ambassador. Orostream, renowned for building refurbishments and developments both domestically and internationally, spearheaded this project. Collaborating with Jacksons Fencing, a trusted provider of bespoke fencing and access control solutions, Orostream ensured the implementation of effective perimeter security, crucial for safeguarding a vulnerable diplomatic site from potential terrorist or militant threats.

Perimeter security encompasses measures to protect the outer boundaries of a facility or property from unauthorised access or intrusion. It includes barriers, fencing, gates, surveillance systems, and access control measures. Perimeter security is crucial for safeguarding assets, people, and sensitive information from potential threats and risks. Effective perimeter security is of paramount importance for a vulnerable embassy which can easily become the target for extreme terrorist or militant activity.


The Kinshasa embassy site had already integrated crash-rated gates for ballistic resistance, but additional perimeter security measures were necessary to fortify security without compromising efficacy. Jacksons' expertise was instrumental in devising a solution: a specially commissioned Barbican square pale security railing, reinforced with thick sheet steel, flanking the gates to create an impenetrable line of defence. Complementing this, a pedestrian gate was developed to match the same technical specifications.

Given the complexity of the project, especially regarding the sequencing of security locks to meet exacting requirements, effective communication posed a challenge due to geographical constraints. However, Jacksons' team successfully navigated these obstacles, ensuring seamless integration of security features. The aesthetically pleasing black polyester powder-coated Barbican security railings and gates were strategically placed to enhance perimeter security without compromising the embassy's visual appeal.

For the ambassador's residence within the compound, Jacksons designed and manufactured bespoke louvered gates, seamlessly blending with the existing fencing to maintain a continuous perimeter of security. To safeguard children within the embassy grounds, Tubular Chain Link fencing, featuring added strength with a top rail, was installed alongside the tennis court, mitigating risks from adjacent roads.

Utilising digital code locks on most gates further fortified security measures. Under the leadership of Chris Jones, Jacksons' CAD team managed the project from inception to completion within a mere four months. This successful endeavour underscored our ability to interpret and execute complex briefs while adhering to stringent safety and security guidelines, ultimately ensuring a highly satisfactory outcome for the client.

Products Used


  • Barbican® security fencing
  • Tubular Chain Link Fencing
  • Bespoke sheet steel clad Barbican® gate
  • Bespoke louvered gate to match louvered panels
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