Bus Station Fencing for Newbury Bus Depot

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Newbury Bus Station

Newbury, West Berkshire

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As part of West Berkshire Council’s 2014 twelve year plan for development in Newbury, the existing bus interchange station was earmarked for redevelopment in order to align with the vision to create an ‘impressive sense of arrival into the town’. In addition, a number of bus routes were improved and expanded to increase attractiveness of the bus service. The new bus station, which opened in 2018, was a key component for development of the main ‘Market Street’, establishing Newbury’s future as a great place to live, visit, and work. Replacing an existing coach parking area in a historic location, the designs for the bus station needed to mirror the local architecture such as the library and museum.

To complete the development of the bus station, fencing and gates were required around the perimeter of the site. Having completed the refurbishment of Newbury Train Station in 2022 with 160m of our Bow Top fencing, Jacksons was approached for the neighbouring development to supply and install bus station fencing.


To secure the perimeter and provide passenger safety when disembarking and entering the bus station, we installed 90m of 1.5m high Sentry® vertical bar fencing. Manufactured from hot dip galvanised tubular steel, the Sentry fencing system is lightweight yet strong and durable, and provides a no-fuss industrial appearance which fits in with the surroundings. Panels, with a welded pale-through-rail construction, are secured to posts with concealed, tamper-proof connectors, and no visible fixings. The design provides a robust, vandal-resistant fencing solution which is ideal for this environment.

West Berkshire Council, like many local authorities, is invested in finding sustainable options when projects require various products and services, and has created its own directory for sustainable businesses on its website. With our 25 year service life guarantee against rust, our bus station fencing and gates satisfy the requirements for sustainability, providing a low lifetime cost and a long-lasting boundary fencing solution. With a flat top and pales that do not protrude through the top rail, the fence has a non-threatening appearance which is key in public places.

Fencing for bus stations

Bus station fencing and perimeter security serves a number of purposes, including:

Controlling access: certain areas of the bus station may be off limits, or the bus station may close at night; fencing and gates enforce these regulations and help prevent vandalism and theft. In addition, some bus stations store some of their fleet on site, ready for early shifts, and it is paramount they are protected.

Passenger safety: providing a barrier between the bus station and surrounding areas to protect passengers from potential hazards, while preserving any green spaces and natural habitats.

Crowd management: fencing is an excellent visual signal for organising people into queues, directing them to entrances, exits, and waiting areas, helping to prevent overcrowding and ensuring a smoother boarding process.

Operational efficiency: by demarcating a perimeter, it prevents people wandering into bus lanes or operational areas, keeping schedules efficient.

Zoning and regulations: Many local governments and transport authorities have regulations that require public transportation hubs to have certain safety measures, including fencing, to protect both passengers and employees.

Design and appearance: Fencing can contribute to the overall aesthetic of the bus station, providing a clean and organised appearance. It can also be used to display branding, advertising, or important information for passengers.

We have worked on many bus station and depot projects. If you have a requirement for bus station fencing or fencing and access control for another transport project, contact our experienced team. Read more related case studies below.

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Products Used


  • 90m Sentry vertical bar fencing and gates
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