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The Somerset Coal Canal, situated in Limpley Stoke, was opened in 1801 with the purpose of aiding the transportation of coal. The canal was constructed in response to the nearby discovery of coal a few decades earlier. Since the condition of local roads was inadequate during that time, the canal served as a vital means of transportation, spanning a length of 10 miles to Paulton.

The canal is no longer used for the transportation of coal as it closed for this purpose in 1898 when production declined, but it provides easy access to the Dundas Aqueduct, which is a Scheduled Ancient Monument carrying the Kennet & Avon Canal over the River Avon.

It is a popular beauty and tourist spot with several activities to discover and explore nearby including cycling, walking, canoeing, a local restaurant, boat hire, picnics, and wildlife spotting. The need for parking, which the Brassknocker Basin Car Park is the most accessible and only option available ‘on-site’, required new fencing at one of its access points to close it off and provide safe secure access at this end.


We manufactured the materials and the installation was carried out by one of our Approved Installers, 1st Aid 4 Fencing. 1st Aid 4 Fencing are experienced fencing installers of both our residential and commercial products to the residents and businesses of Trowbridge, Wiltshire and surrounding areas, and winners of our Approved Installer of the Year award for 2021.

Using our EuroGuard® Regular welded mesh fencing and EuroGuard® Flatform gate, they were able to secure the on-site car park.

The main issue faced by car parks for tourist sites is unauthorised use and security; this being the overall and main reason to install fencing, which not only acts as a physical barrier to deter would be thieves and vandals, but also provides a clear boundary line while controlling access and entry to the car park during visiting times. The fencing also acts as a safety feature, clearly marking the car park’s edge to prevent vehicles from accidentally going over onto the steep slope below.

With the addition of EuroGuard® Regular fencing and a EuroGuard® Flatform gate, not only does this secure the vehicles inside but also provides controlled pedestrian access.

EuroGuard® used as canal safety mesh fencing

Our EuroGuard® range offers various versatile mesh fencing solutions with rigid anti-climb designs in V mesh and flatform styles, featuring tamper-proof fixings and mesh security clips that securely attach panels to posts on the secure side of the fence. This makes it ideal for various applications including canals, not just limited to car parks. The stackable welded mesh panels provide flexibility, allowing for increased fencing height when required.

In this installation, the 3-metre EuroGuard Regular panels were cut down into 1-metre sections to accommodate the correct stepping along the steep sloping ground, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced safety. Where the panels were cut, zinc alloy substrate was applied to ensure the cut ends are protected from rust.

We provide all our steel fencing and gates galvanised, and our welded mesh products come with the added benefit of Galfan® zinc coating as standard. This ensures enhanced protection against corrosion and rust, with the additional option to specify polyester powder coating in a variety of colours to suit your application.

The green powder coating of the mesh fencing harmoniously blends with the natural surroundings, ensuring it remains unobtrusive and seamlessly integrates into the landscape. Its design also allows for a clear line of sight through the mesh, leaving no hidden areas and thereby discouraging potential criminal activity.

Given its status as a popular destination and historical landmark, multiple local societies are actively engaged in preservation and restoration projects for the canal. With our 25-year guarantee that covers all our products, this installation represents a cost-effective investment for the area with a low overall lifetime cost.

Products Used


  • EuroGuard® Regular fencing
  • EuroGuard® Flatform Gate
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