Privacy mesh fencing creates gas storage compound on Dover seafront

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Port of Dover

Dover, Kent

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Commercial Property


Propane gas is used for a number of reasons; manufacturing, building and water heating, cooking and refrigeration, drying, and powering agricultural and industrial equipment. It is also used in the chemical industry for making plastics. To reduce the risk of injury or damage to property where propane gas is being used, it must always be stored outside following these guidelines:

  • Store outside in a well-ventilated place
  • Store away from sources of heat and ignition
  • Store away from building entry/exit points and drains
  • Gas bottles should never be stored or used below ground level, lying down, in places where gas is prohibited, or near corrosive, toxic, or oxidant material.
  • Dover is currently undergoing a complete transformation along the western docks; the single biggest investment ever undertaken by the Port of Dover. ‘Dover Western Docks Revival’ includes a transformed waterfront with a new marina pier and curve with new shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants.

    To supply the new facilities in the vicinity with propane gas, a new outdoor gas storage compound was required, to be situated next to the newly built Marina Office. The storage compound is in the heart of the new tourist targeted waterfront, so not only did the compound have to be secure and protected from unauthorised access, but the aesthetics of the storage were extremely important to consider.


    To complement the nearby marina building which was built to a modern design with timber cladding, our EuroGuard® Combi fencing and gates were chosen to create a gas storage compound. With its rigid V mesh panels interlaced with timber slats, EuroGuard® Combi provides a security solution which doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, while helping to conceal what’s behind.

    37m of fencing was installed at 1.8m high, with two 1m wide matching gates, fitted with slide latches.

    A bin store was also built with 20m of the same fencing and a matching gate with slide latch. This type of fencing is ideal for bin stores as unsightly bins can be hidden and protected from theft, arson, and wind gusts moving them – critical in a windy coastal area.

    Constructed with our unique tamper-proof panel-to-post connectors, the V mesh panels are highly secure against vandalism and break-in attempts. The use of timber slats to cover the mesh apertures also creates a strong anti-climb face, which paired with warning signs about the presence of gas being stored helps to deter any opportunists. Being in a public place also helps to discourage any criminal behaviour.

    Due to the installation being in very close proximity to the sea, the steel mesh panels were polyester powder coated green in marine grade finish to provide them with extra protection against rust and corrosion from the coastal environment.

    Being able to achieve security which doesn’t compromise appearances or create a bleak, hostile environment is key in in this modern world where more and more areas need security, particularly in public places. With seemingly anything and everything up for grabs to steal and sell, discreet security solutions help to protect and conceal valuable, dangerous, and unsightly items, keeping the public safe, and minimise disruptions supplying an ever increasing demand.

    This is not the first solution we have provided as part of the regeneration project; we also supplied fencing and gates for the pier.

    Products Used

  • EuroGuard® Combi fencing and gates
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