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Greenlands Primary School


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Greenlands Primary School is a small school on the outskirts of Dartford promoting an environment that motivates and inspires a love of learning and inclusivity. Due to its location in a semi-rural area amongst small villages and surrounded by fields, farmland, and B roads, perimeter security and creating a safe learning and play environment were crucial. In addition to this, privacy was an issue for both the school and the neighbouring properties on one side of the boundary, so part of the fencing solution needed to combat this.

The school required three distinct types of fencing and gates to suit their unique needs: new perimeter fencing and gates, fencing for security and privacy between the playground and the neighbouring properties, and demarcation with access control for the new outdoor exercise equipment.

The fencing to the front of the school was made up of wooden fencing that had started to look unsightly with mismatched gates, and even less secure access gates for the side of the school. The boundary with the one of the neighbours was a fragile brick wall with featheredge attached to the top, supported by metal posts between the bricks. The perimeter to the rear of the school consisted mostly of treeline and chain link fencing, which was not adequate in height or security and sagging in certain places.

Towards the centre of the large outside playing field, the school had recently installed outdoor exercise equipment. There are several machines which required access to be restricted at certain times and for safety due to the possibility of very muddy grass or poor weather conditions.


Perimeter Security - EuroGuard® Flatform and EuroGuard® Regular 

Our sturdy twin-wire mesh fencing, EuroGuard® Flatform, was installed around the front of the school at a height of 2.4m; replacing the wooden fencing provided the visibility and security needed to assess any external safety issues. For the main entrance, a matching single-leaf EuroGuard® manual gate and a double-leaf automated mesh gate were installed for pupil access and access to the front car park. 

Anti-Trap Bow Top fencing with a matching gate were installed alongside the automated gate for the front car park to provide separation from the pedestrian main entrance, creating a barrier and ensuring safety from parking cars. 

A second set of automated double-leaf gates were also utilised for an access road to the side of the school, with EuroGuard® Flatform for the side boundary. 

For the rear perimeter surrounding the non-built-up part of the school which bordered mainly fields, over 130m of 2.4m high EuroGuard® Regular mesh fencing was installed as the primary perimeter fencing, including a single leaf mesh gate for access. This was a very necessary addition as the only other boundary was a much shorter old chain link fence and various trees. As the trees provided more than enough concealment, mesh fencing is a great choice for this type of perimeter. The mesh fencing, powder coated green, blends in while not imposing on the environment and lets in lots of light, while its anti-climb design and tamper-proof fixings create a border that is safe and secure for the students. 

Privacy Fencing – EuroGuard® Combi 

EuroGuard® Combi is a popular fence type with schools as it provides ample amounts of security with the added addition of timber slats for increased privacy. The metal components of this type of fencing including the posts can be powder coated to match school and brand colours, existing fencing, or equipment, which many schools opt to have as an additional extra. 

Jacksons installed over 80 metres of EuroGuard® Combi to replace the fading featherboard fencing above the wall on the boundary with the school’s neighbour, increasing the height to match the 2.4m high EuroGuard® Regular fencing. 

Z-shaped cranked posts were installed 0.8m into the ground to allow the fencing to be installed above the pre-existing wall, to support the full weight of the fencing and ensure stability overall. 

Demarcation – Anti Trap Bow Top 

At the centre of the school’s open playground, new fitness equipment required demarcation. Anti- Trap Bow Top fencing was installed along with a matching gate and child-safe lock. These gates include a soft-close feature to prevent slamming and trapped fingers and carry the same design as the fencing, with wider gaps between the hoops to prevent children from getting their head, neck or limbs stuck between, conforming to BS EN 1176. 

All the products we provided are covered by our industry-leading 25-year guarantee, which provides a great investment for the school and a low lifetime cost for the fencing overall. 

We have a vast amount of experience designing, supplying and installing fencing solutions for schools and education providers; Jacksons is a complete solutions provider that will work with you from start to finish to provide you with an ideal fencing solution. Contact us today. 

Products Used


  • EuroGuard® Combi fencing
  • EuroGuard® Regular fencing
  • Euroguard® Flatform fencing
  • Eurgouard® gates, single leaf pedestrian gates & double leaf automated gates
  • Anti Trap bow Top fencing
  • Anti Trap Bow Top gates
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