Decorative red bow top fence matches school colours

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St Benedict's Catholic Primary School

Chatham, Kent

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St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School in Chatham has compelling religious values underlining its teaching and ethos. With each class being named after a Saint and with its own mission statement, the school is founded on Catholic teachings. One of its values is to look after the world and act respectfully towards the environment; the school also has an Eco-Team. When investing in school resources, sustainability is a key priority. The school is also committed to providing a safe, positive, and happy learning environment.

The fencing that surrounds the perimeter of a school and particularly the entrance is highly influential on the impression that pupils, and prospective pupils and parents receive when visiting. If the fence design is intimidating, it can create a hostile environment and can have an impact on increasing fear in younger children attending school. If it looks to be in disrepair, visitors may worry that it is indicative of the levels of care within the school. First impressions count, and the school realised that the triple point palisade fence surrounding the school needed to be updated due to its dull, uninviting appearance. Steel palisade fencing also has fundamental security flaws, each pale is attached to rails with bolts, which can be prised off to swing the pale aside and gain access. Moreover, the pale can simply be secured back into place to provide no giveaway that the perimeter has been breached. Steel palisade was a popular school perimeter fence style in the 80s and 90s but is now deemed a very outdated and incorrect fence style to use in schools.

Having such a strong brand identity, the school wanted the school fence design to reflect its values and provide a cohesive learning environment.


From the website to the uniform, to the bike shed, St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School has chosen red as its school colour and displays it proudly.

We installed over 48m of 1.8m high Bow Top fencing and 3 gates. To match the school colours, the fencing and gates were polyester powder coated red in an architectural grade finish. We were able to exactly match the shade of red (RAL 3020) to the existing fencing and bike shed already on site, making everything uniform.

Bow Top fencing at 1.8m or 2m high is ideal for a school perimeter as it is decorative and not easy to climb, but its gentle hooped top prevents it from looking threatening. Security is also still incorporated into the design by way of welded pale-through-rail construction with no visible fixings, and concealed panel-to-post connectors. The fence is also considered wildlife friendly as the gaps between pales leaves space for foliage to grow and hedgehogs and other small animals are able to pass underneath. Squirrels and birds can also sit on top due to the absence of a spiked topping.

With a 25 year service life guarantee against rust and manufacturing defects, the fencing and gates provide a long-term solution with minimal environmental impacts.

If installing a smaller bow top fence for demarcation within a school, we always recommend installing an anti trap bow top fence design in case pupils try to climb the fence.

Corporate Identity Fencing

With our own polyester powder coating facility on site at our manufacturing headquarters in Kent, we are able to match any brand colour or corporate identity in a premium, architectural grade finish. We can also personalise your fence with a bespoke steel plaque or sign. Contact us now to get the perfect fence or gate for your school or business and make a positive first impression.

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  • 48m Bow Top Fencing and Gates
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