Replacing chain link fencing with wall railings

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St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School

Ramsgate, Kent

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St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School in Ramsgate, Kent, aims to provide all students with the best environment to achieve their potential and encourage them to learn about and develop their talents. Their mission is to be an outstanding school.

School missions and values are always important, but they need to be supported by the correct physical environment, whether that’s to reduce noise around the grounds and inside the classrooms, or provide space for outdoor learning.

The outside image of a school is one of the most important aspects to any prospective students and parents coming to visit the school. Not only does fencing indicate how safe and secure the school is, but fencing that is in good repair and looks smart will create a positive first impression about the levels of standards and care. Fencing that has fallen into disrepair can also be dangerous as it creates an injury hazard with sharp broken wires or loose parts which could fall and hurt a child.

The original school building was built with brick walls surrounding the perimeter. Originally, chain link fencing was installed on top of the walls to increase the height and prevent potential trespassing and theft from intruders and burglars climbing the walls.


The chain link fencing was unfortunately past its best and the school knew they needed to replace it to make sure the grounds are safe, and the buildings protected from the various threats that schools face.

We provide many solutions for schools, and our popular Sentry® vertical bar railings were chosen for this school boundary. Featuring chunky pales and a welded stopped pale-through-rail construction, it provides a strong and robust fencing solution. The railings were installed on top of the wall using cranked fence posts which we manufactured to bespoke measurements. With the combined height of the railings and wall, the flat bar top did not need a security comb topping, providing a perimeter solution more conducive a school environment. As with all our steel fencing, the wall railings were hot dip galvanised to protect them from rust and corrosion. They were then polyester powder coated black, providing a smart, glossy finish which adds a further layer of protection.

Adding wall railings to an existing wall is a great way to increase the height of a boundary. It’s a cost efficient solution with multiple fencing options available to customise the appearance depending on your requirements. Where noise reduction is a priority, acoustic fencing can be installed on top of existing walls. For this school, providing security and creating a smart appearance was most important, while keeping visibility and not blocking light entering the grounds.

With our 25 year service life guarantee, the school will not need to worry about replacing their wall railings for many years to come.

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  • Sentry® Fencing and Gates
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