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St Joseph's Primary Academy


Broadstairs, Kent

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St Joseph's is a one-form entry Catholic Primary Academy in Broadstairs, Kent, renowned for its pastoral care, with a mission to 'Aim High and Achieve Together'. A key focus of the school is the wellbeing of the children and staff. The school boundary features original brick walls to the front, providing an attractive and welcoming appearance. Situated next to both a busy road and residential area, the school sought a solution to enhance privacy and security, particularly along the junior playground and field bordering private properties.

Originally, a hedge provided a boundary between the residential properties and the school, but this offered little in terms of security and privacy, and with ball games being frequently played in the school grounds, could cause future disagreements. In addition to this, hedging requires constant maintenance on both sides to keep it from overgrowing, requiring ongoing effort and resources.

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To increase security around the school and provide privacy for both the students and the onlooking residents, we installed 52m of our 3m high EuroGuard® Combi privacy mesh fencing along the boundary of the playground.

This innovative privacy mesh fencing system seamlessly combines the strength and durability of steel welded V mesh panels with the visual privacy and natural appeal of vertical timber slats. This unique blend offered several distinct advantages:

  • Enhanced Privacy: The strategically placed timber slats effectively shield the school grounds from unwanted views, ensuring a safe and private environment for students and residents alike.
  • Improved Security: The robust steel mesh panels provide a strong barrier with their tamper-proof panel to post connectors and fixings, deterring unauthorised access and providing overall security within the school premises.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Unlike traditional hedges, EuroGuard® Combi requires minimal upkeep, freeing up valuable time and resources for more critical endeavours.
  • Aesthetic Harmony: The natural wood tones of the slats blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, preserving the school's historic aesthetic.
  • The school’s investment in privacy mesh fencing represents a sensible blend of practicality and foresight. The fencing system effectively addresses the school's privacy and security concerns while offering long-term value through its durability and low maintenance requirements. This fencing solution, provided with a 25 year guarantee against rust, rot, and insect attack, serves as a testament to St. Joseph's unwavering commitment to providing a safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing environment for its students and the broader community for years to come.

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