Securing Shurgard’s Largest Self Storage Facility

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City Airport, Docklands, London

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Self storage facilities are places where individuals and businesses can rent storage to store items of various sizes, values, and quantities for a flexible amount of time. While ease and convenience of these facilities are top priorities, ensuring the safety and security of customer's items stored within the premises is the primary focus.

Shurgard provides a variety of unit sizes. With convenient access 7 days a week and long operational hours, the security of its facilities is of the utmost importance, and premises are secured with cameras, perimeter fencing, alarms, and individual access codes.

Jacksons was tasked with installing a self storage security solution including automated gates and fencing, for the Shurgard Self-Storage facility at City Airport, which is the largest storage facility in the UK. Winning an award for its design, it spans over 5 floors with 1,350 storage units of varying sizes. Due to its central location just 5 minutes from London City Airport, with a large parking area both inside and outside the building, and vehicle access to ground floor units, a robust automated entry solution was required.


Self storage security solutions

The type of perimeter fencing that can be found at self storage facilities can vary quite widely depending on facilities age and location ranging from concrete walls to steel palisade and chain link fencing. Concrete, while strong, can cause issues as it prevents visibility. While this sounds like a good idea to increase privacy, it can pose issues when security devices such as cameras are obstructed, and these solid walls can be used as cover or hiding places.

While chain link and steel palisade offer increased visibility and are cheaper, they are not cost-effective over a long period of time, as their longevity and security level can be lacking. These products may work for some smaller sites, larger sites with more area to cover require a more robust solution. The image of a self-storage facility is also important, and the above solutions do not only look unsightly for visitors but also can impact the larger influence of a brand.

Self storage fencing

Sentry® vertical bar fencing was chosen for this site with our Security Comb installed on top, which increases security and acts as a subtle visual deterrent that is further enhanced by the visibility through the fence. Sentry was selected as it meets the main criteria for this site - a strong perimeter fence that creates a clear boundary to deter any unauthorised entry or trespass.

Our vertical bar fencing is galvanised to protect it from rust, in addition to this Shurgard also had the fencing powder coated black to match their branding and to provide a cohesive appearance across all their sites. The long lifespan that is provided by galvanisation reduces the need to replace the fencing further contributing to its sustainability. Additionally, galvanisation can also be considered an environmentally friendly process as it uses zinc, a recyclable material.

Suitable for medium to high-risk sites, it is an excellent choice for commercial premises as it can be customised with a number of other fence spikes and toppings, such as barbed wire, razor wire and Rota Spike, and has an anti-climb design with hidden vandal proof panel to post connectors. In addition, its presence is not overly threatening, making customers feel comfortable but safe.

It is commonplace to see metal fencing around self storage facilities, but not all fencing is created equal. Cheaper alternatives with lower security standards such as chain link, wrought iron railings, and steel palisade are often chosen as they have a low upfront cost, whereas Sentry vertical bar panels provide far superior durability, aesthetics, and a lower lifetime cost.

Self storage facilities often have some kind of surveillance. Sentry fencing is beneficial as it provides good visibility between pales, and does not block any facility lighting. Its design does not block lines of sight where potential thieves could hide or remain unseen for extended periods.

We have completed a number of installations for Shurgard as they are a longstanding client who keep coming back to specify us for projects; read about our previously completed installation in Greenwich – Securing Shurgard Self Storage.

Storage facility gates

To match the fencing a large 7-metre wide cantilever Sentry automated gate was installed outside the main entrance to the site for storage units with ground floor access, and to provide general vehicle access. Sentry cantilever sliding gates share all the principal design features as the fencing, and are available in a range of standard widths up to 30m and in heights of 3m. Safety is key when it comes to gate automation, so our electric sliding gates come with safety photocells, manual release, flashing warning lights, and more.

Access control was provided in the form of keypad entry, which grants only authorised individuals with the relevant access codes entry to the premises and can also keep an audit trail of access.

Self storage gates

As well as automated gates for vehicles, single leaf Barbican Imperial pedestrian gates with mesh were included for access from the pavement outside the main reception area, keeping the need for pedestrians to be in close proximity to the automated gate to a minimum.

Effectively protected self storage facilities with fencing and access control measures are essential to secure belongings for individuals and businesses and contribute to the success of a self storage facility. Implementing these security features not only provides peace of mind to customers but also helps to prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access.

Jacksons as a complete solutions provider

Jacksons offers comprehensive solutions as both a manufacturer and with our nationwide delivery and installation network. Our extensive product range, along with our experienced sales teams and technicians, allows us to deliver projects tailored to your specifications. We consider factors such as location, property type, and required security levels to ensure you receive the optimal solution for your unique needs.

Products Used


  • Sentry® fencing
  • Sentry® automated cantilever sliding gate
  • Barbican Imperial® pedestrian gate
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