Tennis World uses Jakoustic® Absorptive to reduce substation noise

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Tennis World in Middlesbrough has born a rich history of national and international players including Commonwealth gold medallist Jocelyn Rae, and bronze medallist Sarah Borwell, both of whom have played at Wimbledon. The club has over 300 members and visitors who regularly use the three outdoor and six indoor courts.

The investment in new courts with the finest artificial grass in tones of Wimbledon purple and green, LED lighting and a function room is hoped to produce more future stars and also provide more sporting opportunities for the local community. Further innovations aim to see padel tennis; a tennis-squash hybrid sport accessible to all at these facilities. The main vision for Tennis World is to see everyone who wants to, playing tennis, despite their age, standard or social background. The mayor of Tees Valley stated:

“Tennis World has been an iconic Teesside sporting facility for several decades but this investment is crucial. It’s all about encouraging more sporting participation, with a dedicated team of volunteers showing real community spirit to ensure it is inclusive to as many people as possible.”

Adjacent to the Tennis World complex and within a very close proximity to some of the modern outdoor tennis courts and a neighbouring skate park is a large electrical power substation. The substation was observed to be causing an audible continuous humming, causing annoyance for users of the nearby courts, as well as creating an eyesore visible from courts.


To protect and mitigate noise creating by the substation, Jacksons supplied 93 metres of 6.5m high Jakoustic® Absorptive fencing to enclose the area, installed by Gus Robinson Developments.

Jakoustic Absorptive was ideally suited to the project, as its mineral Rockwool fibre and protective membrane is designed for applications where a noise source is in a tight or confined area like the substation. The absorptive layer ensures that noise is reduced on the tennis courts by trapping and breaking down sound frequency, diffusing sound waves completely rather than reflecting it in a different direction.

The installation means that the unsightly substation is hidden from view, and protected by the flat timber profile of Jakoustic Absorptive, which is extremely difficult to scale. Our acoustic barriers come with our 25 year Jakcure® guarantee, ensuring a lower lifetime cost.

Find out more about our security and noise reducing solutions for substations, air and ground source heat pumps, and battery energy storage systems here.

Products Used


  • 93 metres of 6.5m high Jakoustic® Plus Absorptive acoustic fencing
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