From business parks, retail property, industrial and commercial property developments, Jacksons has served a variety of brands ranging from some of the UK’s best known retail brands to small start ups with one aim - to improve their perimeter security.

With the UK’s largest portfolio of Security Rated fencing and access control solutions Jacksons Fencing continues to lead the marketplace by promoting best practice, a quality service and an industry leading 25 year guarantee


Fencing & Gate Options

Our fencing and gate options include vertical bar fencing and welded mesh panels with anti-climb properties and tamper-proof construction in a range of secure and non-intimidating designs, all with a 25 year guarantee.

Delta Park Secured Using Vertical Bar Fencing

Jacksons Fencing were specified to supply and install over 200 metres of 2m high Barbican® and gates. The site is made up of over 20 commercial units and required a long term, robust security solution.

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Blogs, articles, tips and advice

We've got top tips for choosing the right fencing or gates, and essential guidance on installation and maintenance, amongst a wealth of other helpful topics in our blog.

Security Rated Fencing Explained

Security Rated Fencing is integral to any effective perimeter security strategy with proven strength and resistance against a range of threats and suitability for a range of applications.

Choosing an Automatic Gate

Installing automated gates comes with a variety of benefits, from increased convenience to robust security that not only restricts access to the site, but also creates an effective screen from the outside world.

Perimeter Security: What to Consider

The physical threat of burglary, theft, vandalism, trespass and sabotage means that those responsible for ensuring security must frequently review their existing perimeter security solutions such as fences, gates and barriers.

Benefits of Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Fencing

One of the best ways of protecting against corrosion is hot-dip galvanisation: a process in which the entire fence surface is dipped into molten zinc, coating it completely.

Case studies

Whether it's replacing a gate, increasing security, creating a better site layout, or reducing noise; find inspiration, guidance and unique solutions from our bank of case studies for your project.

Securing Shurgard Self Storage

A testament to the involvement in 8 preceding Shurgard projects, Jacksons Fencing were chosen for the manufacture, supply, and install of fencing and gates for the new development, to provide safety and security for customers and their belongings.

Bespoke Perimeter Security for Scania

As experts in delivering safe and secure sites, Jacksons Fencing was specified to supply and install perimeter solutions for the new depot, protecting Scania’s assets and ensuring the safety of members of the public.

Northwood School

We were able to understand the needs of the project and were able to offer a variety of Jacksons products for a range of purposes, all designed to make the site safe and secure for students, staff, and visitors.

London Properties Benefit from Acoustic Fencing

To achieve the desired reduction in noise, we supplied 135 metres of 6m high Jakoustic® Reflective fencing to run alongside the estate behind the adjacent commercial properties.