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Data Centre Fencing

  • Perimeter Security for Data Centres

    The physical perimeter security of a data centre is in many way similar to the systems and protocols employed by data centres to maintain security over their equipment and IT assets; to the extent that even some of the terminology used is common across both.

  • The Changing Landscape of 21st Century Data Centre Security

    We have devised an Insight Paper focusing on the changing landscape of 21st century data centre security.

    Download our Date Centre Insight Document
  • Data Centre Case Studies

    We have a number of case studies demonstrating our high security perimeter solutions for data centres.

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    Milton Keynes Data Centre Case Study

    Milton Keynes Data Centre is home to one of the UK's largest telecom and internet service providers.

    Watch the video to discover how Jacksons used over 467m of security fencing to increase perimeter security

    The changing landscape of 21st century data centre security

    With the UK industry preparing for an anticipated 22% expansion in capacity over the next four years and the land at a premium, data centre operators no longer find themselves in the enviable position of being able to cherry pick sites and are having to consider setting-up in more densely populated locations, including residential areas. We look at how data centres can enhance their security and operate 365 days a year without a negative impact on the local community..

    Download: The changing landscape of 21st century data centre security insight paper 

    Experience and Expertise


    Over the past 10 years we have invested heavily in the R&D, testing, manufacture and certification of a variety of novel and effective perimeter fencing and gate systems which offer ‘smarter’ solutions than the generic mesh or palisade security systems widely available.



    The resulting products from our high security portfolio offer LPS1175 certified ratings from SR 1 through to SR5, approved for UK Government Use fencing and gates up to the highest level, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation protection to PAS 68 and National Offender Management Service (NOMS) approved perimeter intrusion detection system – most of which additionally meet with ‘Police Preferred Specification’ through Secured by Design.

    These products have already been employed in some of the most sensitive and secure establishments in the UK and export markets including an ever increasing number of security aware data centres; providing them with perimeter security solutions which work effectively and reliably 24/7, 365 days a year with the minimum of maintenance and a long service life.

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