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Metal Security Gates

Barbican Automated Double Leaf Gate

Metal Security Gates

Jacksons Security manufactures and supplies a wide range of metal security gates for commercial applications, offering security for vehicle or pedestrian access. All our security gates styles have matching fencing to complement the gate if required.

Security gate opening options:

  • Manual gates
  • Automated gates
  • Single or double leaf gates
  • Sliding or tracked gates

If you wish to prevent unauthorised entry to your property and already have a security fence installed the next thought should be on a metal gate. Things to consider when choosing a metal gate, look at how wide the gate is to fit the gate, the wider the gap the heavier it will be meaning if automated will need a heavier duty motor, also consider what type of vehicle are wanting to enter.

Consider what type of metal gate you need.

There are different types of gates to suit different applications, sliding gates are an ideal solution when there is limited space at an entrance because they take up little so little space, while open or closed or when opening and closing, however you have to remember that the same width of your gate will need to be clear on the side to accommodate for the gate to run back when opening. Swing gates are a perfect choice for smaller entrance gaps or where there is insufficient space for a sliding gate to have a run back.


Remember that if you are automating your security gate to have the relevant safety devices in place to make it safe. If you are unsure have a look at our Gate Safety Check List.

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