Acoustic fencing could become a popular feature on the side of busy roads in the UK as a response to the adverse health effects traffic noise is having on people.

A professor at the London School of Medicine and Dentistry is calling on the European Union (EU) to improve research funding on the issue, reported The Parliament.

Stephen Stansfeld, who was speaking at Brussels, said that the EU had an important role to play.

Although the EU has previously funded similar research projects into links between noise and health, it still needs to do more said Mr Stansfeld.

He was speaking after Danish research revealed links between excessive noise and strokes, which found that a person's chances of suffering a stroke was 14 per cent more likely if they were exposed to noise like traffic.

Speaking to the online news provider, Mr Stansfeld said: "Noise, of course, is everywhere but it is a serious problem. It can range from a relatively mild impact, for instance, on the quality of life, to the more serious. There is increasing evidence that noise can even contribute to heart attacks."

Another speaker at the event, Piotr Gaudibert, from the Paris Noise Observatory, said that innovative measures were needed such as "noise walls" – sound proof fencing – and noise free cars.

Last year Tesco announced that it would pay for acoustic fencing at the back of a property in Salisbury as heavy goods vehicles delivering to a nearby Tesco store were causing too much noise.

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