Traffic barriers that are being erected across a road near the seafront in Sunderland have not been met with much approval from businesses owners in the area.

The traffic barriers, which are part of a much wider regeneration plan to improve the city's seafront, are being erected to prohibit vehicles on Marine Walk in Roker.

In particular, the council wants to stop accidents during the summer season, reported the Sunderland Echo.

However, local businesses say that this will cut them off from deliveries and emergency services and ultimately harm trade.

Paul Wash, who runs The Smugglers, a popular music venue, said: "As soon as they get the barrier up, problems will start. It is the start of the season when we get people down here. It will have a detrimental effect on the three businesses in Marine Walk."

The newspaper reported that because Sunderland City Council had received no formal appeal, work on the development went ahead as planned.

The "revitalisation" of the seafront is one of the council's key priorities. Extensive consultation resulted in the Seafront Strategy and Marine Walk Masterplan, which sets out a clear vision and objectives to achieve its goals.

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