Metal railings along a pavement in Norfolk have improved safety for school children but have left the roads too tight for buses to pass through.

The new £1.5 million bus route, which was introduced three months ago, is currently only accessible by two of the four intended Norfolk Green bus services, reported Lynn News.

It has been met with widespread criticism as commuters and motorists have had to endure "walking pace" movement when bus drivers have attempted to manoeuvre their buses through the tricky narrow turns.

Ben Colson, managing director of Norfolk Green buses, said that the metal railings near the school entrance had "enhanced" children's safety but made travelling a much more difficult affair.

He told the newspaper: "It's a very tight corner and our larger vehicles can't get round. The wheels are set back so the front of the bus sweeps the pavement, but we can’t do that here."

Meanwhile, the council has said they are looking into the problem with options to widen or straighten the route.

Three water-filled traffic barriers were recently installed on a narrow road in East Sussex to improve safety.

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