Automatic security bollards may be erected on one side of a street that is being used by reckless motorists as a "rat race" shortcut.

Willowbridge Lane in Sutton is being used as an inappropriate shortcut for drivers in a hurry, reported the Mansfield and Ashfield Chad.

Residents are worried that because there is no pavement on the narrowest parts of the lane, a serious accident is waiting to happen.

Andy Clarke, a Nottinghamshire Police inspector, said that the police force was working closely with residents and Nottinghamshire County Council to look at ways of bringing an end to the misuse of the road.

Speaking to the newspaper, Mr Clarke said: "We will be patrolling the area around the road in the coming weeks and will be issuing letters to anyone found using the road illegally.
"That letter will advise them that the police will issue fixed penalty notices."

Originally, sliding gates were going to be introduced to the road in 2009, but was subsequently withdrawn when the council changed hands.

Water-filled traffic barriers were erected in Sussex to improve safety on a narrow road that saw cars mounting onto curbs.

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