Security fencing has gone up at the site of a popular heathland in Worcestershire as part of a new initiative to help maintain the land.

In addition to the security fencing, trees have been felled, the amount of scrub on the common has been reduced and plans are in place to bring in cattle.

Andy Maginnis, countryside manager for Worcestershire County Council, said they had a legal responsibility to get the heathland to "a favourable condition".

"Throughout the process we’ve worked closely with Natural England and they advise us the best way of doing this is by reducing the amount of trees and scrub on the common together with the re-introduction of grazing," he told the newspaper.

It hasn't been an entirely popular decision as local campaigners have objected to the methods used by the council in maintaining the heathland.

They believe that it should be left to nature to "heal itself", not through the intervention of people.

Traffic barriers have been set up to prevent wandering travellers from accessing Savernake Forest.

Chris Sorenson, Savernake forester, told the Gazette & Herald that although he was reluctant to the idea of barriers, he accepted that it was one measure in looking after the forest.

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