Security fencing has been included in a new school playground at Maple Cross JMI School in Watford.

The £30,000 development, which includes a new covered area and a bike trail as well as the school fencing, was completed before Christmas, however, it was not opened until this month due to bad weather, reports the Watford Observer.

Speaking to the publication, one teacher, Johanna Bullen, said that the playground will allow pupils to take part in more outdoor learning.

"Outdoor learning is so important and we're really grateful for it and we hope the children will get as much out of it as they can," she said.

"Outdoor learning is massive, especially for boys. It's where they prefer to learn and you get more out of them."

Last week, it was reported by that security fencing is included in Sunesis's standardised school designs.
All of the three designs include car parking, a games area, running track markings and school fencing.