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School Fencing and Education

School and Education Fencing

School Perimeter Fencing

From the fencing around its perimeter to the main entrance gates, a visitor gets a clear impression of a schools' commitment to safety and security well before entering its grounds.

In addition to defining its boundary and making a visual distinction between public and private property, 25 Year Service Guarantee the fencing and gates that surround and secure a school will typically meet a wide variety of other important criteria - from preventing unauthorised entry to the grounds, protecting pupils, staff and visitors from accidents and injury, deterring theft, anti-social behaviour and reducing the risk of malicious damage.

We have provided school fencing for hundreds of schools around the country and can find the right school fencing to meet the security needs of your school. We can also supply you with welded mesh panels and railing systems for school fencing - all possible with Jacksons school fencing.

Within the boundary, you'll find our barriers, bollards and parking posts will keep pedestrians and vehicles safe from each other, while our timber fencing and gates will control the flow of people around the grounds and reduce the areas where students can be hidden from view.

Noise pollution is of course a problem, and our Jakoustic barriers are the perfect solution to reducing noise in and around the school. And when your students are taking a break from exercising their minds, you can be sure our tennis courts, ball stop and RoSPA approved play fencing will minimise the risk of injury or accidental damage.

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School Fencing Options

  •  Vertical Bar Fencing: Ideal for perimeter security, our vertical bar provides an aesthetically pleasing, yet secure solution. We also offer vertical bar fencing which has been tested to LPS 1175 security standard by BRE for higher risk schools.

  • Welded Mesh Panels: A secure alternative to vertical bar fencing, equally suited to perimeter security applications. Our welded mesh panels are constructed using high quality steel and are installed using anti-vandal clamp bars.

  •  Playground and Play Area Fencing: We offer a range of RosPA approved timber and steel solutions, designed to be safe, secure, durable and sustainable.

  •  Sports Fencing and Enclosures: Welded mesh and tubular fencing systems designed for use in sporting applications. Designed for long life, durability and safety whether it's for a hockey pitch, tennis court of football field.

  •  Acoustic Fencing: Where there a consideration for noise reduction, our timber acoustic fencing systems are ideally suited to protecting against noise pollution and have been proven to reduce noise by up to 32dB.

  • Ready to find our more? Let us help you find a solution for your school.

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    Making Northwood School safe and secure

    Northwood School in London is a £35m regeneration project, benefiting from a range of Jacksons’ security and fencing solutions. The school, designed by Lizard Landscape Design and built by Farrans Construction Ltd, uses 650 metres of Jacksons solutions, helping to make the school safe and secure for students, staff and visitors.

    Watch the video to discover how Jacksons has helped Northwood School welcome visitors, define outside spaces and secure its perimeter with innovative fencing and gate solutions.


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