School fencing will keep criminals away from a school in Chorley, after plans to install extra security measures have been approved.

According to the Chorley Guardian, the town's Gillibrand Primary School has suffered a string of lead thefts, with the site being labelled a "magnet" for thieves.

But now that a proposal to install 2m school fencing has been given the go-ahead, it is hoped the building and its children will be better protected.

"We are delighted and think the fencing will be successful in improving security for children," Sharon Bryson, the school's head, told the newspaper.

"I hope our local neighbours will be pleased that it will prevent intruders getting onto their properties too," she added.

She also said that the burglaries meant the school had been forced to redecorate, using cash that could have gone to more important projects.

The £60,000 grant for the fencing came from the Opportunities Fund, and work is expected to start next year.