A service station is planning on reinstalling traffic barriers because the route through it has now turned into a popular shortcut.

Welcome Break services at Charnock Richard in Chorley, M6, took down the traffic barriers two years ago after they were vandalised.

This then created a "new route" as the M6 became accessible on both the north and south sides.

Consequently, it has turned into a popular shortcut, bringing an increase in traffic as well as noise pollution.

With pressure from the local community, the police and the Highways Agency to put an end to this, Welcome Break decided that it was time for the barriers to go back up.

The north side will now be limited to only those with authorised access only.

Traffic barriers filled with water were put up in East Sussex recently to improve safety on a narrow road.

It is hoped that the innovative traffic-calming measures will encourage drivers to give way to oncoming traffic and stop them from mounting the pavements.

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