Traffic barriers have been set up to prevent wandering travellers from accessing Savernake Forest.

All of the access roads to the forest, as well as the entrance to the Postern Hill picnic site, have had traffic barriers put up to ward off a 20-caravan strong group of travellers looking for a place to camp, reported the Gazette & Herald.

Chris Sorenson, Savernake forester, told the newspaper that although they were reluctant to put up the barriers, they had to do their best to look after the forest.

"It does not happen often that we have to close the forest, in fact it’s only been twice in the four years I have been here," he said.

Although vehicles cannot be taken into the forest, it was still open to the public and accessible by foot or cycle.

Lincolnshire County Council has opened a new £1 million traveller site in an effort to cut down on illegal encampment.

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