Based on our original Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic barrier, Jakoustic® Class 3 is our high security version. Featuring a layer of steel mesh sandwiched between two layers of 34mm thick timber boards, it reduces noise while providing high security and concealment, as well as good aesthetics. Our standard Jakoustic® Reflective barrier has only one layer of boards and reduces noise by up to 28dB, so this barrier increases this potential even further.

In 2010, BRE approved the first fence with an SR3 rating; Jakoustic® Class 3. It was tested and certified to withstand attempts at forced entry with category A, B, and C tools. In 2019, LPS 1175 was updated from Issue 7 to Issue 8, redefining the security classifications for a more fluid approach to replace SR1-SR8 ratings with 48 possible ratings from A1-H20. The new system includes a letter to indicate the threat level, corresponding with the tool kit used to evaluate the product’s intruder resistance and the number of attackers involved, and delay indicated by a number, corresponding with the minimum delay provided by the product when placed in a locked condition. While Jakoustic® Class 3 was automatically updated to a C5 rating - the equivalent of SR3, we also decided to have it tested to achieve a further two ratings – F1 and G1. These higher ratings provide protection against attempts at forced entry with category F and G tools including a disc grinder, drill, circular saw, 2 stroke chainsaw, and a 4 tonne trolley jack. The additional ratings for the product will help specifiers, security consultants and any other relevant individuals in the specifying and procurement chain to build a layered solution with added strategic delay within their physical security solutions.

For more information, read our more detailed explanation of LPS 1175 Issue 8 or download our guide.

Jakoustic® Class 3 is ideal for data centres, manufacturing facilities, and pharmaceutical companies; anywhere where noise reduction is a requirement in addition to security. With one fence, both can be achieved to a high level. Its natural timber appearance is also well suited to most environments which is essential in areas with increased urbanisation.