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Outdoor classrooms in schools can offer many benefits to both students and teachers. Outdoor classrooms can help to improve engagement by providing a unique environment for learning, provide a functional and defined space for teaching outside, create health and well-being by exposure to nature and fresh air, and can prevent the disruption of lessons in the event of student sickness within school classes.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on schools and learning, and while nobody wants to think about the possibility of something similar happening in the future, installing an outdoor classroom made from high quality, long-lasting materials is a great way to future-proof school learning and ensure safety and preparedness.

There are many ways to build an outdoor classroom. Timber products can help to create a welcoming environment, such as wooden shelters, pergolas, fencing, and decking. All Jacksons Fencing's products for outdoor classrooms are made from high quality timber which is guaranteed for 25 years against rot and insect attack, providing an attractive, cost-effective, sustainable solution for all weather conditions. 

Our installers are all DBS approved and can work with you to install outdoor classrooms during school holidays, or within term time with minimal disruption.

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Worried about noise?

Outdoor classrooms sound ideal for a change of scenery, but traffic and other external noise could affect learning. Consider installing acoustic barriers, either along the perimeter or just around the area for the outdoor classroom. We've designed and installed many acoustic barriers for schools.

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We have a wide range of fencing and gates suitable for use in schools, colleges, universities and playgrounds, including child-safe anti-trap designs and security rated solutions for schools in higher risk areas. Browse the range here.

25 Year Guarantee

25 year guarantee

Using a combination of high quality materials, expert manufacturing processes, and premium finishes, we include a 25 year guarantee with every steel and timber product, as well as a 25 month guarantee for automated products.