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Fence Spikes & Toppings

Viper spike on welded mesh panel

Fence Spikes

Fence Spike Image Gallery

Security fence spikes and toppings are specifically designed for use on our fencing and gates or in and around the perimeter to increase levels of security against intrusion, damage, acts of vandalism or terrorism.

We have a wide range of security toppings from Rota Security Fence Spikes to our selection of Viper Security Fence Spikes, each designed to deter and prevent intruder entry to your premises.

It should be remembered that the installation of security fence spikes may require planning permission or Building Regulations approval, please consult your relevant Local Authority department.

what height can you put spikes on a fence?

There is not a hard and fast rule, but normally 2m is what is accepted but it must be where the general public cannot accidentally come to contact with the spikes.

Why not take a look at our range of security fence spikes below or anti climb fencing products or contact us today.

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