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Timber Commercial Fencing

Jacksons timber fencing products:

  • Are made from high quality soft timber suitable for intensive treatment and are sourced from sustainable sources (FSC & PEFC).
  • Our timber is kiln dried before being vacuum pressure treated in accordance with the ISO 9001 accredited process.
  • Our unique Jacksons timber treatment process allows for us to offer the longest guarantee on timber products, making them the best performance product for commercial applications.
  • All timber is treated first before assembly.
  • Are made from substantial sections of timber to ensure a long life and retain their looks
  • All fixings are stainless steel.
  • Our timber commercial fencing are versatile and are used for a variety of applications including schools, residential developments and agricultural and estate uses.


Jacksons commercial timber fencing range includes:


  • Featherboard Fencing: Jacksons Featherboard is arguably one f of the strongest available on the market today.
  • Tongue and Groove Effect Fencing Panels: A luxury contemporary fencing design by Jacksons Fencing complete with our trademark 25 year guarantee.
  • Hit and Miss Fencing: The pales or boards are fixed alternately on the front and the back of the fence in tandem to create an overlap pattern which we call 'Hit and Miss'.
  • Venetian Fencing: A contemporary design which allows light to pass directly through the timber slats.
  • Woven Panel: The Woven panel design is a high quality, timeless design, framed and pressure treated complete with our 25 year guarantee.

Jacksons timber treatment process:

  • For a comprehensive guide covering Jacksons timber treatment process we recommend reading this page.

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