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Upgrade the Security on Fencing and Gates

Perimeter Security Upgrade

Upgrade the security of your perimeter fencing by adding one of Jacksons security toppings or detection systems.

Our Range

  • Alarm-a-Fence: A cost effective and reliable alarm and electric fence deterrent. Provides a physical barrier than can be attached to the top of most existing perimeter fences or walls.

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System: Our most sophisticated electric perimeter security system ideal for a range of applications, from oil and gas installations to nuclear plants.

  • Rota Spike: These sharp steel blades rotating on a steel tube provide an excellent deterrent to any perimeter fence.

  • Cobra Spike: Perfect for wall tops, fences or walls, our cobra spike security topping is easy to install to any solid surface, old or new.

  • Viper Spike: Viper Spike offers an imposing alternative to traditional barbed wire. The Strong sharp spikes provide an excellent deterrent to any would be climbers.

  • Viper Spike 3: Viper Spike 3 builds on the original Viper spike design to prevent climbing on drainpipes or other vertical structures.

  • Barbed Wire and Tape: Available in a range of sizes, our barbed tape and razor wire provides an effect solution to perimeter security.

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