Fencing for Zoos and Wild Animal Parks

Zoos today are under immense pressure to create fun, welcoming environments that allow visitors to view animals from a safe distance without compromising on visibility, or making wildlife feel cramped and uncomfortable.

A recent report based on three years of research has been released on public safety issues in zoos and wildlife parks.

The findings included:

  • Lack of electrical safeguards on the gate for a carnivore safari
  • Unlocked snake exhibits that could be opened by the public
  • A piranha tank left unlabelled with an open lid
  • An unsafe lemur enclosure perimeter fence
  • A jaguar enclosure with a weak barrier

The research concluded that keepers and members of the public are being put at risk every day due to insufficient safety measures and checks.

After the death of a gorilla in the USA in 2016 due to a child falling into its enclosure, UK zoos have since had similar incidents, including the death of a tiger after a door was left unlocked, an escaped snow leopard which was shot after a keeper left an enclosure door open, and an urban fox killing eight penguins after it broke into their water enclosure.

Zoos and wildlife parks are essential for endangered animals to thrive and repopulate, with some zoos containing species that do not exist in the wild anymore, merely relying on zoos to survive. It is clear that more needs to be done to improve security around wildlife parks to ensure the safety of the animals, keepers and visitors.

Jacksons Fencing has worked with various wildlife parks over the years, from creating monkey enclosures and runs, to elephant gates, and stand off fencing around a bison pen.

We can create bespoke solutions with a variety of fence types, from chain link to welded mesh, and timber and steel constructions.