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Meet Malcolm, a member of the Jacksons Fencing family

Meet Malcolm, a member of the Jacksons Fencing family

Jacksons Fencing has been a family business for 70 years and one person who knows the company better than most is Malcolm, one of our timber gate and panel assemblers.

For the past 16 years, Malcolm and his sister Sandra have worked on the timber side of the business, while their brother and their dad have also been part of the Jacksons Fencing family over the years.

Malcolm believes our family heritage is key to our success, saying proudly, ‘You know the people you’re working for,’ – and his exceptional carpentry skills are testament to his dedication to Jacksons.

As well as paying fantastic attention to detail to every gate and fence that passes through his hands, Malcolm enjoys creating superb fence displays for our shows and exhibitions: ‘You’ve got to take quite a bit of pride in that as you’ve got hundreds of people coming through a show to see it – it’s got to look good and it’s got to look right’.

Date: 27/07/2017 09:05:00

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