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Acoustic Security Fencing Barriers

Acoustic Security Fencing Barriers


Acoustic Barriers to Environmental Noise

The growing impact of noise on people, planning and architecture has increased demand for acoustic fencing solutions across a wide variety of applications from housing and schools to transport and retail.

Evidence from studies increasingly suggests that noise pollution can have a detrimental impact on modern living, from house prices to physical health and wellbeing. The impact of noise is often felt most in busy urban areas or industrial sites, however, there’s a solution to limiting noise and the damage it can cause to physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Jakoustic® fencing and gate systems were specifically designed to deliver good noise reduction performance, sustainability and security and importantly, to blend in with the surrounding environment.

The proven and flexible Jakoustic timber acoustic barrier system first introduced in 2004 that features our unique ‘tuning-fork’ posts is available in heights of up to 9 metres (Steel I-beam posts for heights over 5 metres) and is available in a number of versions to provide solutions to a wide variety of noise problems

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Acoustic Fencing Options

  • 12k Envirofence®: 12k Envirofence® is ideal for projects where the need is for a barrier that meets with minimum superficial mass requirements. While it has not been subject to laboratory testing, 12k Envirofence® offers a cost-effective solution for situations where lower level of noise reduction is acceptable in applications subject to low to moderate wind loads. Its timber construction provides an attractive natural appearance that is appropriate for housing developments, schools, parks and construction sites.

  • Jakoustic Reflective Acoustic Fencing: Our Jakoustic® Reflective barrier is particularly effective in reflecting noise away from its face by employing heavy section planed timber boards with deep interlocking ‘v’ tongue and groove joint, coupled to tuning fork posts that clamp the boards together to eliminate gaps that sound can easily travel through.

    It offers up to 28dB* reduction in noise, it has been designed to for faster installation times on site and can accommodate changes in site levels or profile.

  • Jakoustic PLUS Absorptive Fencing: The Jakoustic® Absorptive barrier takes the proven Jakoustic® Reflective design of heavy section planed timber boards with deep interlocking ‘v’ tongue and groove joint, coupled to tuning fork posts and adds an absorptive layer of a mineral Rockwool fibre and protective membrane to one side of the barrier.

    It offers up to 32dB* reduction in noise, it has been designed for faster installation times on site and can accommodate changes in site levels or profile.

  • Jakoustic Commercial and Highway: Jakoustic® Commercial & Highway barrier system has been designed for commercial and highway applications, providing the same level of noise protection as the original Jakoustic® barrier.

    Jakoustic® interlocking ‘V’ boards are affixed to galvanised steel I-beam posts for additional strength and rigidity, meeting not only stringent Highways Agency standards BS EN1794-1 and 2, but also ideally suited for application in exposed locations subject to high wind loading. The system is available with matching capping, counter rails and timber cladding to posts to further enhance its appearance.

  • Trident® Jakoustic® 2: Trident® Jakoustic® 2 system is of a dual layer construction comprising a single facing of interlocking ‘V’ timber boards, lined with a layer of steel mesh to 1.70m above ground. The interlocking ‘V’ coupled to a tongue and groove eliminates gaps even when boards shrink and expand with changes in the weather.

  • Trident® Jakoustic® 3: Trident® Jakoustic 3 represents the ultimate in timber security barrier systems. It is of a sandwich construction comprising two facings of interlocking ‘V’ timber boards, lined internally with a layer of high security steel mesh to 2.28m above ground.

  • Jakoustic Class 3: Jakoustic® Class 3 is an acoustic fence which has been approved to Security Rating 3, products certified to these standard resist experienced attempts at forced entry using a wide range of tools

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    Acoustic Video Case Study


    Watch the video to discover how using Jacksons’ acoustic fencing solutions managed noise effectively at Reading Train Maintenance Depot

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