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While many turn their focus at this time of year to change, here at Jacksons Fencing we remain committed to our founding principles. At the heart of our family-run business is our mission to design, manufacture and install exceptional products, supported by exceptional customer service.

We are not just a supplier of fences; we are a perimeter solutions provider. With Jacksons Fencing there’s no middleman, nor the complexity and stress that comes with coordinating a project that demands specialist insight and a great deal of collaboration. Our team of skilled experts are on hand throughout, from the early days of specification right through to delivery and installation, and are informed with expert knowledge that has been acquired over more than 75 years of trade.

Compliant with a wide range of British Standards, our ISO 9001 Quality Management System ensures that whether timber or steel, for decoration or demarcation, our fences are durable, safe and fit for purpose. That’s why, as standard, we confidently offer a 25 year guarantee on all our timber and steel fencing and gates.


We design our products at our UK-based office in Kent, using computer-aided design (CAD) software to assist us in achieving perfect execution. Our products are designed to exceed British Standards, ensure consistency and assure confidence in our customers, whether a buyer, specifier or end-user.

Our expertise allows scope for creativity and flexibility outside of traditional fencing solutions. By offering bespoke design services to meet the requirements of our clients, no matter how challenging.

All of our instructions are published in English, and are accessible and easily to navigate.


We import raw materials and create our products in house from galvanised steel and raw timber, which goes through our treatment process at our site in Kent. Years of development have gone into perfecting our unique Jakcure® timber preservation process, which exceeds the requirements of British Standards by 50%. This process allows preservative to penetrate far deeper into the specially selected timber, which is kiln-dried in advance of treatment to evaporate moisture.

To further ensure the longevity of our fences and gates, and to achieve the high-quality finish our customers’ properties deserve, we use a variety of world-leading polyester powder coatings (PPC) – a robust alternative to conventional paint. Our fences are coated at our own PPC facility, granting us greater management over our quality control processes.


Our delivery service reduces the risk of delay to receiving your purchase. Our fleet of lorries and drivers enable us to deliver our products on time, and in perfect condition.


Our nationwide installation service guarantees that the integrity of Jacksons Fencing’s products and the appearance of our customers’ sites or properties aren’t hindered by poor assembly. We employ a trusted and devoted team of installation experts, all with many years of experience in working with our products and who comply with our stringent quality procedures.

For timber and steel products, we have a network of approved, health and safety accredited installers who are able to deliver to the highest quality, first time. Our gate engineers are specialists in automation and access control, with expertise spanning automated gates and barriers, to pedestrian access, road blockers, and our state-of-the-art Jaktronic® perimeter intruder detection systems (PIDS).

Why does this matter?

At Jacksons Fencing, we believe that sourcing a fencing solution that meets your needs should be straightforward. That’s why our in-house service is based on finding solutions and not creating problems.

Our design team are involved from the start, and along with our sales team, are well equipped with the skills and experience to find and create the best solutions possible. With greater visibility and control of our operation, we can uphold our guarantee to deliver our products on time with fewer delays in our supply chain, and to the highest quality with our standardised quality control processes and installation.

To find out more about our perimeter solutions, get in touch today.

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