Types of Steel Fencing

There are many different types of steel fencing to suit various applications, from decorative residential railings and school-safe solutions to high-security sites requiring LPS 1175-certified products.

At Jacksons Fencing, we categorise our steel fencing into three main groups: vertical bar fencing, welded mesh fencing and metal railings. Each type of fencing is designed for a different purpose; however, all products can be applied to provide security across different sectors.

Vertical Bar Fencing

What is vertical bar fencing?

As the name suggests, vertical bar fencing consists of vertical pales sleeved onto horizontal bars to create panels, with concealed panel-to-post connectors to provide a tamper-proof fence.

For sloping ground, panels can be altered during the manufacturing stage to accommodate the gradient. Different styles of vertical bar are available: some have a flat bar along the top with no protruding pales, while others have pale tops that can be pointed, level, cranked, or with barbs.

Advantages of vertical bar fencing

  • Attractive, non-intimidating appearance yet strong and durable
  • Tubular construction for lightweight application
  • Posts can be customised with barbed wire/rota spike/razor wire for sites where a higher level of security is needed
  • Anti-climb design
  • Spacing between pales conforms to anti-trap regulations
  • Can be polyester powder coated or left galvanised; marine coating is also available
  • Can be certified to SR1 (A1)

Vertical bar fencing is often applied in schools, residential properties, healthcare premises, public spaces, industrial estates and leisure attractions such as theme parks.

vertical bar railings

Welded mesh fencing

What is mesh fencing?

This type of fencing welds wire strands together to create mesh panels. The panels are attached to posts with unique vandal-proof connectors and can be stepped to accommodate sloping ground.

There are different types of mesh fencing available including flat profile mesh, V mesh, double-layer mesh, 358 mesh (which has close-knit apertures) and timber/steel combination mesh. Find out more about these different styles here.

Advantages of mesh fencing

  • Most styles are Galfan® coated – a premium coating that offers increased durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Can be polyester powder coated and marine coated
  • Posts can be adapted for security toppings, CCTV and lighting – suitable for sites where there is a need for surveillance
  • Doesn't block CCTV and PIDS can be installed discreetly
  • Panels overlap at posts to maintain integrity of panels
  • Available up to SR3 (C5)

Mesh fencing can be applied in schools, commercial properties, healthcare premises, leisure attractions and high-security applications such as data centres and utilities.

Jacksons Fencing also provides mesh/vertical bar combination fences up to SR5 (E10), which is currently the highest Security Rating available for a fence and the only one available on the market in the UK.
mesh security fencing

Metal railings

What are metal railings?

Metal railings tend to have a similar appearance to vertical bar fencing: vertical pales with horizontal support rails. This fencing type is mainly used for demarcation, but offers security too.

They are often seen with decorative finials at the tops of pales, but can also be pointed, level or bow top. There are different styles available, including ornamental railings with decorative patterns between pales, and estate railings that consist of horizontal pales, commonly used around parks and residential properties.

Advantages of metal railings

  • Project a strong but attractive appearance to a boundary
  • Galvanised steel, with polyester powder coatings and marine coating available
  • Versatile – can be used in various applications, including residential, commercial, parks and recreation
  • For a decorative option, Barbican® with Finials can be certified to SR1 (A1)

All steel fencing from Jacksons is protected by our 25 year Service Life Guarantee, covering all inherent defects such as design, manufacturing, finish and fitness for purpose.
metal railings

For more advice on our full range of steel fencing and to explore their suitability for your project, contact us today.

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