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Cleaning products suppliers and manufacturers have experienced higher demand then ever during the last couple of years, with the pandemic highlighting the need for thorough cleaning and proper hygiene practices. The healthcare industry in particular relied upon cleaning supplies to ensure safe hospital environments and slow the spread of the virus.

To keep manufacturing sites safe and secure from sabotage, theft (of equipment and business processes), vandalism, and unauthorised access, secure fencing and gates are essential. Privacy and concealment of industrial premises is often overlooked, and we’ve seen many sites retrospectively fitting solid fencing behind a line of mesh fencing to conceal what’s behind. This is highly inefficient. We have a number of fencing solutions which can provide security, privacy, and even noise reduction, all in one installation.


EuroGuard® Combi

We recently supplied some of our unique timber and steel mesh fencing and gates, EuroGuard® Combi, for the leading manufacturer of wet wipes at their UK site. With a key focus on ‘speed to market’, any disruption to manufacturing would be damaging to their success. The existing palisade fencing at the site was removed and replaced as it provided neither adequate security nor privacy. The bolts and rivets that attach the pales to rails can often be easily removed and pales can be swung aside and replaced to provide an access route which goes undetected for repeated use. Read more about this here.

EuroGuard® Combi is constructed from strong and secure V mesh panels, with timber slats attached to cover the apertures and provide privacy and concealment, which is ideal for sensitive sites. The manufacturer wanted a secure fencing solution which aligned with their sustainability goals, which includes improving the sustainability of their materials, products, and facilities. All our fencing is manufactured from high quality materials which are treated for long life and provided with a 25 year guarantee. The steel mesh panels have a premium zinc alloy coating to protect it from rust and corrosion, while the timber slats are kiln-dried and pressure treated to prevent rot and insect attack.

Jakoustic® Barriers

Our Jakoustic® acoustic barriers are also ideal for sites looking for fencing which provides security as well as privacy. They also reduce noise by up to 32dB, so this is ideal for sites that create noise and wish to lessen the environmental impact of their noise pollution. Created from smooth planed tongue and groove timber boards which interlock to reduce gaps that sound could travel through, they create a reflective plane for sound waves to bounce off, while the absorptive barrier has an additional mineral fibre layer which absorbs noise. Based on our original Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic barrier, our LPS 1175 rated acoustic barriers feature steel mesh layers which provide a strong and secure fence resistant to attacks, with government approved options also certified against digging and climbing.

We recently installed our Jakoustic® Absorptive acoustic barriers at a polymer compounding company in Lancashire. 

Products Used


  • EuroGuard® Combi Fencing
  • Jakoustic® Acoustic Barriers
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