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All our commercial fencing is manufactured in the UK and comes with a 25 year guarantee. Choose from a wide range of sizes, styles, colours and finishes to protect your site.

We manufacture a wide range of security fencing and access control for the commercial sector, suitable for protecting offices, retail stores, health, leisure, social, places of worship, and educational establishments. Our solutions include acoustic barriers capable of reducing noise by up to 32dB, V mesh fencing and 358 prison mesh panels, vertical bar fencing, metal railings, manual and automated gates, timber fencing, security toppings, and an extensive range of LPS 1175 security rated fencing to provide protection against attempts at forced entry.

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Providing a stylish and secure perimeter for gillingham golf club

Situated along a busy main road in a central location, the golf club was vulnerable to anti-social behaviour such as trespassing and littering, as the existing timber fence provided little resistance to climbing and attack. We supplied over 350 metres of our Barbican® vertical bar fencing to replace the timber fencing and create a secure perimeter around the popular sports and events venue.

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the 5 ds of Perimeter security

The 5 Ds of perimeter security form a model based on the onion principle that is essential for designing and specifying a perimeter security solution.

What is the best fence for security?

There are many types of security fencing, and with each type offering varying degrees of security, privacy, and aesthetics, it's down to the application and site which is best. We explain the advantages of each type here.

Perimeter Security: What to Consider

The physical threat of burglary, theft, vandalism, trespass and sabotage means that those responsible for ensuring security must frequently review their existing perimeter security solutions such as fences, gates and barriers.

Benefits of Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Fencing

One of the best ways of protecting against corrosion is hot-dip galvanisation: a process in which the entire fence surface is dipped into molten zinc, coating it completely.