What is the best fence for security?

With constant improvements in fencing design, technology and manufacturing, and the sheer range of products that are available now for different applications, it can be difficult to determine the best fencing solution for your site. Ideally, security fencing should guard against intruders, act as a significant deterrent to attempts to penetrate or climb, and have integrated access control – objectives that are straightforward enough, but challenging to achieve without the necessary expertise.

Here’s what to look out for when you’re considering the best security fence for your projects.

What are the requirements of the site?

Security fencing can be used to protect properties of all types and sizes, from high security data centres and commercial premises, to transport hubs and residential settings. The type of fencing that is best for the project is dependent on the nature of the development and the requirements of your site.

Consider what the threats are and the implications of a breach; for example, would a break-in impact on the running of vital facilities that affect the public? In assessing potential threats, you should also consider the likely skill level of those wanting to gain entry, and what tools they would probably use.

Identify risks

Carrying out a risk assessment as a first step will help you evaluate key factors such as site access, CCTV and lighting requirements, maintenance and safety. Think about effective access control: the function of any gates (vehicular or pedestrian) and where they will be located. It should also be decided whether the gates will form part of the perimeter, or be integrated into the internal layout of the property.


Privacy is another key factor. Some sites may favour having a line of site to the immediate vicinity beyond the boundary for surveillance purposes; others may prefer a higher degree of privacy. A fencing system like EuroGuard® Combi is an ideal solution for privacy, combining closely spaced timber slats with steel mesh, providing the aesthetical appeal of natural wood with the strength of steel.

Certified and Approved Security Fencing

The most suitable fencing for high security sites are often LPS 1175 certified by LPCB, part of BRE Global. Working with government agencies, police services, architects and insurers, the standard was introduced to demonstrate that a product meets specific, categorised security performance.

Independent certification provides specifiers and end users with confidence in the fencing product they are choosing. It also helps to provide an integrated approach to security when incorporating other security measures, such as Security Rated doors and windows.

You can find out more about the updated Issue 8 of LPS 1175 here, which explains how attack resistance is broken down by threat level and minimum delay. This updated version of the certification provides 48 possible combinations of threat and delay, allowing specifiers to select the most appropriate solutions for specific situations.

Enhancing your security strategy

Vertical Bar Security Fencing

When creating a secure perimeter, steel fencing such as Vertical Bar security fencing is an effective solution. Designed to deliver a robust physical barrier for a wide range of applications, it provides excellent visibility for natural and electronic surveillance. It’s a well established and popular fencing style that offers a secure and aesthetically pleasing choice, with individual pales that are less obstructive than alternatives such as standard triple-point steel palisade.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Additionally, decide whether your fencing strategy should include other security solutions such as Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). These are fence-mounted sensors that monitor and detect any form of intrusion – a simple and effective way to enhance your perimeter security, and flexible enough to be integrated with any fencing system.

Long Term Security

Finally, don’t forget about the long-term: choose a fence that is designed to last. Look out for the product finish or treatment process, often an indication as to how long you can expect the product to last. Don’t risk investing in a fence without the manufacturer’s assurance of a long lifespan and, ultimately, a safe and secure product.

For more information on selecting the best fence for security, contact us today.

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