Established in 1947, Jacksons Fencing had humble beginnings in the agricultural fencing world, selling timber stakes to farmers and the local community. Today, garden and security collaborate to offer the highest quality timber and steel fencing, gates and access control to both residential and commercial properties across the world.

With sustainability in mind, our products are crafted from responsibly sourced Jakcure® pressure treated softwood timber and premium grade galvanised steel, and all come with a 25 year guarantee.

Over the years, we have remained faithful to our founding principles, to design, manufacture and install the best possible products, with the assurance of outstanding service and putting the customer first in everything we do. From the initial site visit to the manufacturing stages, delivery and installation, our expert teams are on hand to perfect every aspect and ensure completely autonomy over the whole process.

Safe, secure, sustainable solutions

Our fencing systems feature hidden panel to post connectors, vandal-proof fixings, with superior coatings on welded mesh panels and pale-through-rail construction on vertical bar railings. From the outside, our acoustic barriers have the appearance of a solid garden fence, but can come with hidden protection: our high security acoustic solutions combine timber and steel mesh layers to create a highly secure yet discreet fence with the added benefit of reducing noise.


As a RIBA approved CPD provider, we have five different CPD seminars available to book nationwide, covering topics including acoustic barriers, perimeter security, education solutions, gate automation and timber specification.

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Schools and playgrounds provider

With our experience of providing complete solutions for nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, our range of school fencing products has been tailored to suit every requirement. Playground fencing options include a huge range of premium colour coatings to ensure smooth, glossy and vibrant products. Our RoSPA approved designs include timber and metal designs, featuring pale spacing that conforms to anti-trap regulations, planed timber to reduce the risk of splinters, and self closing gates with anti tamper fixings to ensure safe and fun play environments.

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If you're interested in seeing firsthand what makes us truly unique, why not book a site tour? Available for individuals and groups, you'll meet longstanding members of the company who'll explain the timber treatment process, the journey from forest to fence panel, the power of our steel workshops, and understand how we are able to provide our bespoke solutions for almost any application.

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High Security Applications

We have the UK's widest range of LPS 1175 security rated fencing, and remain the only fencing manufacturer able to offer certified products from LPS 1175 SR1 through to SR5, which is the highest rating available for a fence. In 2019, the standard was updated to Issue 8, making specifying the right products more accurate by including more variables such as delay time and toolset. Find out more about Issue 8 below, and watch the video to experience the testing process in action.

Blogs, articles, tips and advice

We have a wealth of blogs covering helpful topics, such as how to secure rural sites against crime or protect public places, and we explain CE marking for road noise barriers.

Securing Rural Sites Against Crime

When it comes to securing rural sites, many farmers still rely on outdated security measures. Investment into long-lasting, high quality security measures can offer better protection from theft and vandalism.

Integrating Security With Landscape Architecture

Security and aesthetics must be carefully balanced when designing public spaces. We discuss how to incorporate security into everyday street furniture without compromising enjoyment of the area.

CE Marked Noise Barriers

Being the first and only UK company to offer a CE mark on a comprehensive timber acoustic barrier system, we explain the basics.

HVM: People, Places and Strategies

A suitable HVM solution should include access control to prevent unauthorised vehicular access, and impede a hostile vehicle's progress without compromising aesthetic appeal or the free movement of pedestrians.