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Train Platform Fencing

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    Train Platform Fencing

    We have vast experience in the following areas:

    • The protection of the station, its assets, car park and bicycle storage out of operating hours
    • Securing and controlling access into a non-public areas
    • Mitigating against fare evasion, personal attack, acts of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and attempted suicide
    • Separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic
    • Security and access control to car parking
    • Security and access control to bicycle storage
    • Protecting power, fuel storage and HVAC systems
    • Securing and controlling access to buildings and platforms Trackside and associated infrastructure
    • Security and controlling access to pedestrian track crossings
    • Security of trackside against disruption of service due to theft, vandalism and accidents
    • Security of trackside against unauthorised access by people and large animals
    • Security of depots and signalling equipment
    • Security of communications, power and fuel supplies
    • Mitigating of noise propagation

    Experience and Expertise


    Over the past 10 years we have invested heavily in the R&D, testing, manufacture and certification of a variety of novel and effective perimeter fencing and gate systems which offer ‘smarter’ solutions than the generic mesh or palisade security systems widely available.



    The resulting products from our high security portfolio offer LPS1175 certified ratings from SR 1 through to SR5, approved for UK Government Use fencing and gates up to the highest level, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation protection to PAS 68 and National Offender Management Service (NOMS) approved perimeter intrusion detection system – most of which additionally meet with ‘Police Preferred Specification’ through Secured by Design.

    These products have already been employed in some of the most sensitive and secure establishments in the UK and export markets including an ever increasing number of security aware data centres; providing them with perimeter security solutions which work effectively and reliably 24/7, 365 days a year with the minimum of maintenance and a long service life.

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