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Meet Keith, a member of the Jacksons Fencing family

Meet Keith, a member of the Jacksons Fencing family

Production Manager Keith joined Jacksons Fencing 32 years ago, when the company was just a workshop with 40 employees. He’s seen the company grow to more than five times that size, but believes the passion and quality at the heart of Jacksons have stood the test of time.

Keith started out in the company mill sharpening around 3,000 wooden posts a day, before moving to the yard and driving forklift trucks. By 1997, Keith had managed the forklift driving team, mastered welding in the steel yard and been promoted to production manager.

Praising the ‘open culture’ of Jacksons, Keith is proud of how the family-run company has stayed up to date: ‘We’ve always taken on the challenge of change,’ he explains, ‘There’s no point in being old-fashioned Jacksons Fencing; you want to be new Jacksons Fencing.’

To this day, Keith firmly believes the quality of Jacksons’ work comes down to skill, pride and learning as you go: ‘People who don’t make mistakes are usually not doing any work,’ he laughs, ‘I want all my welders to think they’re better than the next welder. We’re the Harrods of fencing; we are the best and we take pride in our work.’

And, according to Keith, there’s nowhere else he’d rather work.

‘I started at the bottom, now I’m the Production Manager,’ he says, ‘I’m still here, and I’m still smiling.’

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Date: 15/06/2017 09:00:00

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