Meet Wendy, Chester Branch Manager

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A woman with glasses and red hairWendy began her journey at Jacksons in April 1987, starting as a receptionist. Over the years, she transitioned into various roles within the company, delving into IT before finding her niche in sales. Through her dedication and versatility, she climbed the ranks, eventually assuming the esteemed position of Branch Manager in Chester. Throughout her tenure, Wendy witnessed a profound evolution in technology, from cumbersome IT systems to streamlined processes. She observed the company's exponential growth, both in revenue and workforce, reminiscing about the days when the entire manufacturing team could fit snugly into a small tea hut. Despite the advancements, Wendy remained grounded in the company's ethos of adaptability and customer-centricity.

Her proudest achievement came with her appointment as Branch Manager in Chester, a testament to her leadership and commitment. Wendy takes pride in every project undertaken at Jacksons, cherishing the opportunity to provide solutions for customers, whether domestic or commercial. She values teamwork above all, recognising that every individual plays a vital role in achieving success.

Wendy lives by several guiding principles, including "if you're not first, you're last," emphasising the importance of seizing opportunities. She embraces the notion that mistakes are integral to growth and innovation. Fondly recalling the words of former CEO Richard Jackson, she adopts the mantra, "Yes is the answer, now what is the question?" acknowledging its occasional pitfalls but appreciating its spirit of forward momentum.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Wendy shares a personal connection with Jacksons, rooted in her family's history and cherished memories. Her own wedding, to which she was driven in a Rolls Royce by the company's founder, Ian Jackson, epitomised the close-knit community spirit that permeates Jacksons. Affectionately dubbed "the dragon" by a colleague due to the branch she heads being located in Dragonhall, she treasures the camaraderie and familial atmosphere cultivated over the years.

As Wendy reflects on her journey at Jacksons, she is reminded of the countless ‘people stories’ that have unfolded, from engagements to births, weaving a rich tapestry of shared experiences. For Wendy, Jacksons isn't just a workplace—it's a second family, complete with its own dramas and celebrations, echoing her late mother's sentiment of a perpetual soap opera.

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