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EuroGuard Flatform

EuroGuard® Flatform | Welded Mesh Panel

Double horizontal wire welded mesh panel

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EuroGuard® Flatform panels have a flat profile with horizontal twin wire. It is ideal for commercial sites (schools or play areas) or similar installations; anywhere durability and security are important. The panels can be stacked above one another to give a 6000mm high fence.

Dwg files available for this product on request

Specification Builder

  • EuroGuard® Flatform correspond(s) to the generic  component/material "welded mesh" in the BRE Global Guide online generic specification(s) "Galvanised weld mesh fencing with metal posts" which achieve(s) a summary rating of A within commercial, domestic, residential, health, industrial, education.

  • Available in medium 200 x 50mm wire centre with 45mm gap
    • Double 6mm wire, 5mm vertical wire
  • Available in heavy 200 x 50mm wire centres with 45mm gap
    • Double 8mm horizontal wire, 6mm vertical wire
  • Posts can be customised for Barbed wire / Razor wire / Rota Spike®
  • Twin wire horizontals, single wire vertical  
  • Posts can be adapted to mount CCTV cameras, lighting or physical security devices
  • Panels can be stepped to accommodate sloping ground
  • Matching single leaf and double leaf gates available
  • 25 year service life guarantee 


  • Panels are Galfan zinc alloy coated as standard
  • Powder coated to BS EN 13438
  • Marine coat for installations within 500m of salt water or estuary

Standard Colours

  • Black RAL 9005
  • Green RAL 6005
  • Other colours are available on request


Height (mm) Post Centres (mm)
Medium Heavy
Post Dimensions (mm)  Overall Post Length (mm) 
1030 3034

 60 x 40 1600 
1230 3034 
   60 x 40 1800 
1830  3034  •     60 x 40 2500 
2030 3034  •   •  60 x 40 2800 
2430  3034  •   •  80 x 60 3300 

Post Options

  • Over length set in concrete as standard
  • Base plated to bolt down onto concrete
  • Cranked to suit wall mounting



Mesh panels have a flat profile with double horizontal wires, welded at intersections which are Galfan zinc alloy treated as standard.

EuroGuard Flatform

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