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Chain Link Fencing & Welded Mesh Fencing Systems

Did you know

Jacksons offers a nationwide installation service for all of its products. All installation team personnel have undergone the relevant comprehensive professional training and are suitably qualified and accredited under the CSCS certification scheme.

Chain Link and Welded Mesh Systems

Unlike generic systems, Jacksons Tubular Systems for chain link and welded mesh all feature a top rail for added security and strength.

Tubular chain link systems can usually be delivered within 10 working days of ordering.

  • Hollow tubular construction
  • Top rail as standard on system 3, 4, 5 & 6 to prevent sagging
  • Tubular construction for rigidity and ease of installation
  • Suitable for cladding in a variety of chain link or welded mesh, types to suit application
  • Ideal for numerous applications from ball courts and perimeter demarcation to contemporary residential settings
  • Full range of matching gates available

Tubular System with chain link correspond(s) to the generic component/material "chain link" in the BRE Global Guide online generic specification(s) "Galvanised wire chain link fence with metal posts" which achieve(s) a summary rating of A within commercial, domestic, residential, health, industrial, education.

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Tubular Systems Range

  • Tubular System 1

    System 1 (0.9m - 3.6m high)

    Without top rail, in medium and heavy duty posts
  • Tubular System 2

    System 2 (1.8m - 3.6m high)

    With 60.3mm vertically extended posts with straining posts and struts
  • Tubular System 3

    System 3 (0.9 - 3.6m high)

    With 60.3mm posts and 41.5mm top rail
  • Tubular System 4

    System 4 (1.8 - 3.6m high)

    With 60.3mm posts vertical extensions 410mm for 3 rows of barbed wire and 41.5mm top rail
  • Tubular System 5

    System 5 (1.8 - 3.6m high)

    With 60.3mm posts with cranked extensions 360mm for 3 rows of bared wire and 41.5mm top rail
  • Tubular System 6

    System 6 (1.8 - 3.6m high)

    With 60.3mm posts with "Y" extensions for 6 rows of barbed wire and 41.5mm top rail

Matching Gates

Single or double leaf tubular framed gates are available to provide access and security.

The gates can be specified to hang inline for 90° opening or behind posts for 180° openings and are supplied complete with frame, cladding, key lock and handles, hinge pins and bolts.

Standard chain link gates are made for 980mm opening and are 50mm shorter than the fence height. The frame is made from 42mm diameter galvanised tube.

Chain Link Fencing & Welded Mesh Fencing Systems

About Jacksons

Jacksons Security Fencing are at the forefront of high security fencing for any environment. Whether you require sports fencing through to intruder deterrent and detection around commercial properties, we can provide a reliable security fencing solution for you.

With over 60 years experience of providing fencing and access solutions, our unrivalled expertise allows us to offer the right solutions for almost any given fencing and access application in virtually every given circumstance.

Whatever your security fencing requirement, Jacksons Commercial has the solution to meet your metal fencing needs.

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